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Second State Music


Ceaselessly working, tirelessly inventive and unrestrained by boundaries you can be sure Second State London will flaunt the best in underground music. Once you’ve experienced Pan-Pot, you will never forget them. Their ability to combine the rough with the smooth, and the slow with the fast has given them an unrivalled sense of magical energy and when they’re behind the decks.

Special guest Miss Kitten will certainly bring the vibes… Wildly infused with exuberance and punctuated by a slap of the absurd, her grooves seem to hop past every conceivable musical genre. With showmanship and charisma in her blood, her performances are dynamic, uplifting and always goes on twists and turns.

Clint Stewart’s DJ sets can go from deep and moody to heavy and twisted. He plays perfectly for each and every setting he encounters and has built the reputation of being trusted with the closing duties for those mornings where there is no end in sight. Check out this mix he did for us a while back, but it’s still sounding as fresh as ever…

Creativity, craziness and Techno infused by pure genius are some of the key components of the duo The Reason Y. 2015 marks the beginning of a new project that the members Andreas Quiring and Frederik Laaser have put together. This collaboration’s aim is creating mind-blowing music and sharing it with the world. “Feeling the vibe and connecting with the audience is what makes us who we are :)”

Up and coming techno prospect Michael Klein, real name Michael Koczynski, is a man of many talents. He first came across our path last year after the release of his debut EP on Pan-Pot’s Second State imprint, and is now back again to release his follow up ‘Metals’. Aside from his endeavours as a talented producer, he’s also a film maker, audio-visual artists and works as a lead product designer for Native Instruments.

After more than a decade of high level contributions to the world of underground dance music, now is the time Stephan steps out of the shadows to unveil his creative vision as a unique and powerful storyteller. Whether it’s a long, anecdotal DJ set or an explosive, concise live performance, Stephan Hinz is a master at the controls and a orchestral raconteur of the highest caliber. Read this interview with him here.