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Introducing: Nina Kurtela for Innervisions


Innervisions is excited to present its collaboration with Nina Kurtela live on stage at Royal Albert Hall!

Nina Kurtela (born 1981 in Zagreb, Croatia) is a visual artist and a dance maker. Her work evolves around choreography, installation, performance and video, thereby effortlessly transgressing the lines between different fields.

Performing internationally in a variety of contexts – from museums and galleries to festivals and public places in Berlin, Zagreb, New York, Sarajevo, Tokyo, Vienna, Paris… – this will be the first time that Nina Kurtela will present an ongoing performance practice in a concert hall. She will dance a fragment from “365 routines”, a video and performance piece created together with the artist Hana Erdmann.

Throughout 2018, Innervisions has drawn from “365 routines” to create its cover art and visual identity. With the performance at Royal Albert Hall the collaboration between Nina Kurtela and Innervisions will go full circle.

Merging movement, music and video projections to envelop the visual fragility of the dancing body on stage, Nina Kurtela’s performance will intend to subtly challenge the contemporary idea of high-performance. Rather, and comparable to all the dancers out there, every move will be a code transferring inner states of self-consciousness, sensitivity and sensuality into the space of the social body.


Nina will perform alongside Âme, Dixon, Henrik Schwarz, Bugge Wesseltoft, Howling and Marcus Worgull on the 21st September at the Royal Albert Hall.

You can keep up to date with the latest updates on the soon-to-be legendary show here.

Tickets still available via the Royal Albert Hall website.