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The Art of the B2B


What makes a great back-to-back? Understanding, trust, chemistry and deep record collections that inspire and challenge each other. In today’s increasingly commercial scene, the B2B is often a gimmick, a marketing ploy. Thrusting two names together to sell tickets. But the art of the B2B is still alive.

At Tobacco Dock on Saturday 6th October, not one but two seismic B2B will be showcased – each featuring artists who have a tendency to get the best out of each other. Here we look at these partnerships in more details.

The Great Gallery

Our Great Gallery headline tandem are certainly no strangers to sharing a booth together. Who can forget they formed three-quarters of the the massive B2B2B2B that launched Printworks back at the start of 2017.

It was a spectacle worthy of the occasion – all four men combing in underground synchrony to raise the curtain on East London’s newest venue. Ever since, there’s been a hankering for an encore – a repeat performance of dynamism. It’s high time London’s clubbing fraternity got their wish.

It’s fair to say their sounds have a lot of overlap, so it should come as no surprise that they work so well together. Both camps have a diverse musical palette, with an upbringing as much in hip-hop as electronic music. This influence is still evident in their current productions. Let’s call it house music with hip-hop attitude!

Furthermore, Loco Dice made his name as the minimal master at DC10 circa 2006. Over a decade later, it’s the ‘Bros who are considered the current star drawers of that same venue. That their paths would cross was an inevitability.

The Car Park

Several feet below them in the industrial, subterranean confines of Tobacco Dock’s car park, a relationship of another kind will bloom. Different? Perhaps. But with no less chemistry, magic is guaranteed to be weaved. If Dice and the Martinez Bros is a B2B that transcends the Atlantic, then by contrast FUSE duo Enzo Siragusa and Archie Hamilton is a close-knit East London affair.

Few parties have emerged from London in recent years with the loyal following that FUSE commands. Their Sunday soirees at Village Underground successfully straddle the line between exclusive and underground. But even before their current home, they have held venue-defining residencies at the likes of 93 Feet East and Cable.

Of the collective, it has been Siragusa and Hamilton whose careers have been launched into the stratosphere. The former taken under the wing by Loco Dice, nurtured by Artist A-life and installed as a resident at Amnesia Ibiza. Meanwhile, the latter can count Carl Cox and Marco Carola amongst his biggest admirers. Quite an endorsement. Alongside Rich NxT, Rossko and Seb Zito, the pair lead the line with sophisticated, intelligent dance music. This is Fusic!

If you wanted to point to any differences from our first B2B pairing, then it would be that the chemistry has also borne fruits in the studio. Playing a rare B2B, their hook-up at Tobacco Dock on Saturday 6th October is an event not to be missed.