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10 Tracks with Max Cooper


We sat down with Max Cooper to discuss 10 tracks that have shaped his love for electronic music and the underground scene. Here is what he had to say:

The Future Sound of London – Papa New Guinea

One of my first exposures to beautiful rave-influenced ambient electronic experiments as part of the Lifeforms album. It was a signpost for what could be done.

Philip Glass – Glassworks’ Opening

Loopy hypnotic piano almost like techno, and part of the first “minimal” genre, long before electronic music created its own. This also lead me onto Koyaanisqatsi, which was a huge influence on my visual projects.

Lusine – Two Dots

Another musical eye-opening with this seminal work from one of my most consistently favourite producers over the years. Such lush synth work and playfulness with the stabs and use of micro-elements, a rich palette and groove which I’ve aspired to.

Vaetxh – Unfolding Mechanism

I’d always loved the UK electronica/glitch stuff going back to the Warp classics, but when I heard this in my studio it was pushing everything forward, particularly on the psycho-acoustics work which had often been ignored by older experimentalists. Rob Clouth’s work continues to blow my mind with every new track.

Leftfield – Melt

A firm lesson in the reach of electronic music with the Leftism album, one of the best ever for me, and still sounding fresh 28 years later.

The Flashbulb – Undiscovered Colours

One of my first obsessive favourites in the realm of cinematic classical meets micro-electronica. This, amongst others like Rossz Csillag, lead me onto collaborations and experiments with classical musicians which were really productive.

Fuck Buttons – Stalker

So huge, this blew my mind. The pace and development was a big lesson for me too, and I’ve had a lot of fun playing this out to unsuspecting audiences at DJ gigs. Most minds are blown, and there’s always a funny few moments seeing the people for who it’s all a bit too much, apologies for that!

Trentemøller – Take Me Into Your Skin

So much human expression and fine detailing work in this which became a major influence for my work, and the end of many a DJ set for me.

Autechre – Nine

An inspirational production duo forging out on their own path for more than three decades, and a moment of extreme beauty for this particular track. Many lessons in how to apply purity for greatest effect in their work. Choose the vibe and push that to the extreme, removing any fluff that most producers would add to fit into this or that genre.

Artificial Intelligence – Desperado

Catchy chords, loads of feeling, groove, anticipation, destroys it every single time without fail. It was a drum and bass track that captured everything I wanted, and I still sneak it in there for unsuspecting techno audiences whenever I can.