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5 Techno Classics from Enzo Tedeschi


Ahead of his return from the States this August, we asked Enzo to pick out a selection of Techno tracks we might have forgotten about. So here are his top five forgotten Techno Classics and a little story about them…

1) Kraftwerk – Tour The France (eTape 2)

Pioneers when it comes to techno, Kraftwerk have been a great influence to my dj sets and in particular this version of Tour The France which I keep playing when I can. I have seen them live many years ago and still remember when they performed this track in a ancient Greek temple that was built in the south of Italy.

2) Underworld – Moaner

I remember the time when house and techno music were very different. In those days you wouldn’t go in the same music shop to buy techno and house and the reason why is very simple, in the house music shop techno was not appreciated and viceversa. This track is one the reminds me of the difference at the time between one record shop and another one.

3) Plastikman – Spastik

When it comes to techno classics I just feel like this track is a must in anyway!

4) Josh Wink – High State Of Consciousness

Thank God for creating Josh Winkelman. I have dreamed of talking to the guy who made this song for all my life. Today I have the pleasure to speak to him about life other than music, thanks to my wife introducing me to Josh a few years ago. They have known each other for ages since my wife was very involved in the Philadelphia techno scene, home of great artists such as Josh Wink, King Brit, Sean O’Neal aka Someone Else, Willyum and Rob Paine to name a few.

5) Anthony Rother – Father

One of my favourite artists ever, Anthony Rother might be considered more Electro minded than techno, but I love it!