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Introducing rhythmatic


rhythmatic have picked out the top 5 tracks from 2014, and a selection of other bits that are getting us hyped to have them back hosting room 2 at Cocoon. Kiri who has run the brand since it’s birth 8 years ago with his twin said: “Our track selection is based on some old tracks that have been part of our journey from the first time we got involved in house music, around 20 years ago, and still inspire us to this day. We have also picked out some new guys that we believe will shine and finally some tracks by some well established DJs and producers… so a bit of everything”

Frankie Knuckles – Your Love (Trax Records)

Ame – Raj (Introversions)

OdD Music – photosynthesize – featuring Barac (OdD Msuic)

Joseph Williams – Gron (Infuse Records)

Floorplan – Never Glow Old (Re-Plant)

Top 5 producers to watch for 2015

1. Julian Perez
2. Nastia
3. La Fleur
4. OdD Music
5. Carlos Ryan (Arupa)