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5 Unmissable Acts at elrow Town London


As the date edges nearer, we and many others find ourselves wondering – do we throw away the guidebook and let ourselves become submerged in the chaos and frivolities of elrow Town London, or do we painstakingly plan out our day so we don’t miss any of the action?

We decided to settle on the middle ground for this one, instead choosing to bring our attention to the 5 most unmissable artists over the course of the weekend. It’s a sure-fire way to keep the experience spontaneous and full of surprises – without missing any of the highlights! Catch this anthology of artists across both Saturday and Sunday amongst a surfeit of other names. These DJs are just the tip of the iceberg of what you could discover when you venture through the city! So pack your bags, bin that minute-by-minute itinerary and hurry on over for the fun to begin – we’ve all been waiting for you…

Fatboy Slim

For our Sunday headliner, “the day of rest” means nothing; it’s a facade, and he’s the one who’s going to be blasting down the smokescreen with his light-hearted attitude and merry-making selections. Fun is for every day with Norman Cook, and he proves this point time and time again with his ability to be a front-runner in the game since the 1980s. He’s classic. Refined. But like any good wine, his impeccable flavour comes with age. Can you taste that tang on your tongue? It’s Fatboy Slim on the 19th of August 2018, tearing apart the Town Square on a Sunday afternoon. He’s given us trance before, but it looks as though we might be put into a trance when he hypnotises us on the Psychedelic Stage in just a few weeks! Here he is back in May taking thousands on a joyride at Primo Maggio 2018 – when in Rome…!


This duo and elrow just go hand in hand really. It’s almost as if they were born for this – so it’s no surprise they’ve made multiple appearances at elrow before. Vibrant, silly, and with a penchant for getting crowds jumping, Solardo are the illegitimate children of elrow who just can’t say no to another playdate. There’ll be moments at elrow Town where you really have no idea what you’re doing – be it joining in one of the many games across the city, or fighting your way out of another downpour of confetti – but these two will always know how to keep you grounded amidst the madness. No wait… hang on, these are the last two to ever keep you grounded – in fact, they’ll probably be the ones firing the confetti. And don’t think you’re safe from their mischief on either day – because they’re our very special guests for both Saturday and Sunday. They recently hit up the Secret Elrow Uptown Party alongside DJ Mag, so if you’re excited by this recent live stream, then imagine the productions quadrupled, with even more surprises and you’ve got something extra special!



Although a mysterious character, everyone knows what Claptone stands for. He’s a pioneer of emotional house music that gets deep into your bloodstream. It’s almost as though he has a knack for getting the waterworks going. Nope – we’re not talking about the rain; it’s the tears of joy running down everyone’s faces. Heart-strings-pulling but still rave-ready, his tracks are this peculiar hybrid of all that’s good about house music. So take off that mask and hug your friends, hug a stranger, hug your dog – Claptone is the one to bring the love out of us all. Check him out below playing live at DJ Mag’s Pool Party in Miami earlier this year, and then try and figure him out in the flesh on Sunday 19th at the Psychedelic Stage. Is that a wizard? Because I’m bewitched..

Paul Kalkbrenner

You’d think that with two and half million likes on Facebook, Paul would be too high-and-mighty with his gilded fame. But he still remains as down to earth as ever, and it’s reflected in his sets too. He sings along to his tracks, beams widely, and offers up the most unifying song selection along with it all too. Paul dishes out bonus points wherever he goes, and it’s going to be a joy bringing him to the Psychedelic Trip stage on Saturday 18th. We adored his Parts of Life, and really, he should be part of all our lives. Can you imagine him upping the ante as the sun waves goodbye for the day, raring through a collection of magnificent tracks whilst a giant rainbow-hued kaleidoscope spins above him? Not yet? Well, you will when you combine his recent appearance at Main Square Festival with the phantasmagoric colossus that we’re having him play in. It’s going to be lovely.

Idris Elba

Mr Elba is almost too cool for elrow Town. He specialises in almost every single thing you could think of. Most think that he moved from his home-grown acting to DJing, but they’re mistaken; he actually began his career upon the decks well before he stole our hearts on the big screen. Can you party with as much nonchalant swagger as Idris? Something tells us no – especially with our large-scale production accompanying him on the Psychedelic Stage. He’s charmed us all before and Saturday 18th will be no different; expect grins all round as the man you thought could be the next James Bond arrives at elrow Town London and takes your breath away – no, not just with his charm, but also with his quick-fingered, super trendy mixing. Who would have thought that the world would bring us such an epic combination? We can’t wait for this one.

Final tickets are available for elrow Town Sunday with Fatboy Slim, Claptone, Idris Elba, + more via Resident Advisor, Skiddle, and Ticketmaster.

Tickets for the Saturday afterparty at Ministry of Sound are available here.

Re-sale tickets for both days will soon be available on Resident Advisor once the date is fully sold out.