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Short Interview with Dense & Pika


Q1. What do you have in store for 2019?

We’ve been working on an album…

We’ve also got a very special collaboration on the go…..all very cryptic!

Q2. How would you describe your relationship with Drumcode and Adam Beyer?

Adam is a great guy, he’s been an early supporter of our music from our inception and has given us the opportunity to play some of the biggest and best shows in our career, for that we’ll always be grateful. He also gets our bizarre sense of humour which helps 🙂

Q3. You’ve also set up your own label Kneaded Pains. How did that come about and what are your musical expectations for it?

Kneaded Pains is an outlet for us to share our musical tastes directly with the public. It’s a chance to champion our friends and peers we respect musically. It’s also a pretty good place to go if you wanna buy some solid club tackle as it’s all been hammered to death by us before it gets released!

Q4. What are its main differences with Hypercolour, for example?

Hypercolour is more niche, it’s headed down a more electronica path in recent years. A lot of the stuff isn’t 4/4, however with Kneaded Pains it’s an out and out techno label.

Q5. If you had to choose between a festival or an intimate club show, which would you choose?

They both have their merits. We can play either very comfortably (now), although it’s taken years of practice. We love to play either if I’m honest. Although, you can test more stuff out in a small club environment with less people looking at you if it goes tits up!

Q6. How does it feel being heralded as ‘the most unique act in modern techno’ by Mixmag? Do you feel any pressure?”

Yes, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t feel some kind of pressure since the comment, as it opened us up to some criticism. We tend to not take it too seriously though, of course we’re very thankful for the nod and it’s a nice feeling, but we’re just doing what comes naturally.