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A Cocoon Guide to Ibiza


The Balearic paradise of Ibiza has long been associated with being a mecca for partygoers globally. At the heart of this has been Cocoon’s residency on the island which celebrated 15 years last year. As we get ready for Cocoon London, the Cocoon team are busy plotting another year on the White Isle. We caught up Johannes who has been an intrinsic part of Cocoon’s fabric, and has helped steer them on this journey.



Can you remember the first time you went onto the white isle? Any crazy / hazy memories?
Yes, it was the summer 1988 and I came with my parents. The vibe on the island got me right away. I was 13 so I couldn’t get too deep into it, but what I could see and feel was enough to know that I would have to come back no matter what.


How much has Ibiza changed since you first started doing Cocoon events there, over 15 years ago?
Some things change some do not… Ibiza sets trends…they come and go. We try to focus on ourselves and follow our intuition, I think we DO this pretty well.


Best place to grab a chilled out sunset beer?
I like the vibe up north at Beniras… it’s as far away as you can get from the clubbing life in the south of the island.


Favourite place to grab some food?
I like La Paloma in San Lorenzo. Great food in a wonderful and authentic setting, also a top choice for lunchtime.


Any hidden spots you can tell us about that you might not find, unless you spend a lot of time there?
Yes, but I won’t name them here… They are precious. haha!


Any local sayings that you have picked up whilst spending time out of there?
Manana Manana


How many of the Cocoon team are based on the island during peak season? Do you spend much time there yourself?We are all based in Ibiza of course but full time from the Cocoon office are in Frankfurt. It is just me and Yuridia our events coordinator out there, she is expecting a child this summer.


When’s the first Cocoon party in 2015?
June 1st


Can you give us any clues as to who will be joining you guys at Amnesia this summer, or will we have to wait?
You have to wait I am afraid – but not so long now.