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A Cocoon Guide to London


We caught up with Johannes from Cocoon to talk about his favourite places to hang out whilst in London and stories from the past with Sven and Ricardo. He’s had a fair few unforgettable memories in this city, and will be back with the Cocoon crew on the 28th March at Building Six.



What have been the best memories for you in London? Any stick out in particular?

I remember lots of great parties with Sven, Ricardo and Cocoon. Fabric, Building Six, T-Bar, strange places out east that appeared from nowhere, and back in the day when there was nothing happening you could always find some music and a strange adventure in Vauxhall! So many stories… I love London.

The cultural scene is outstanding, so much choice and the food options you find are fantastic; plus shopping is fun too.

Can you remember the first time you came to London?
Yes… stayed with a friend somewhere East and I had just recovered from knee surgery… the crutches didn’t stop me from going to Fabric to seeing Ricardo and Richie play their first b2b set.



If you have a night off, where do you normally go?
During the day I like to make the most of all that culture and I mix it up a lot. Always try to see or experience something new. A great day ends with a great dinner either in or out and some drinks with friends (and sometimes ends the next day haha!)


Favourite area to go and do a bit of shopping or hang out with friends in the day?
I am lucky to have friends living in Soho, so I am quite familiar with the area. I love having dinner at Roka wondering around Soho without a plan.


If you were to live in London, what part do you think you would live in?
Soho, but I do worry about the development and the fact that some treasures might disappear.


What’s your favourite part of London and why?
Soho I stick with for now, the mix between seedy bars and great restaurants, little coffee places to hang out in to watch the world go by is just great.

My favourite shopping options are in walking distance – couldn’t ask for more, but see my above answer.