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A Look Into Dense & Pika’s Studio


As their Village Underground showdown on the 1st of February edges near, Dense & Pika have given us an exclusive tour of their studio, sharing with us the hardware on which the architects of the dance-floor bomb produce their distinct and highly-regarded soundscapes. Scroll below and delve into Dense & Pika’s musical realm.

 1. Watkins Copicat

1. Watkins Copy Cat

“This is an incredible cheap/old tape delay. We used it to run each stem of a track through and then layering them on top of the originals. It gives the stuff a far more organic feel and makes stuff move naturally”

2. Korg Monopoly

2. Korg Monopoly

“We stole this off our manager Jel Ford! Ha ha! Made in 1982, its a mono-polyphonic beast of a machine. You can make some incredibly dark lines with it…”

3. Doepfer Dark Time

3. Doepfer Darktime

 “Untameable analogue sequencer, used on most of our stuff to give it that non grid restricted feel. Have a go with one, it’ll make you go crosseyed.”

4. Dave Smith Prophet 8

4. Dave Smith Prophet 8

“Polyphonic analogue goodness. Probably our favourite synth we have. Our tracks are littered with it. It’s quite sharp sounding, but with time you can craft some incredible warm layers with it.”

5. Moog Clusterflux

5. MoogerFooger

“Guitar pedal mangling destroyer. Buy one now!”

Dense & Pika will be performing at Village Underground on Friday the 1st of February.

Tickets are still available and will be running quick soon. Click here to not miss any future announcements.