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A Look Into Fort Romeau’s Studio


As the winter winds pervade over London’s streets, we can’t help but look to June’s warmth and the high temperatures that our Junction 2 Festival is prepared to deliver. Before that, our Jucntion 2 Launch Party will be looking to bring the much needed fierce heat. One of the main names we are especially looking forward to is eclectic crate-digger and production mastermind Fort Romeau, who has given us an exclusive look inside his studio!

 To learn about Fort Romeau’s studio secrets, scroll below!

1. Arp Odyssey

Arp Ody

“What a time to be alive! So much amazing gear being remade for (relative) peanuts, and it sounds great! This is the trance/arpeggio master as far as I’m concerned, also good for bass if you don’t want/need as much low end heft as say a Moog.”

2. Modules


“A word of warning to any would be producers, you DO NOT need a modular synth, it’s a massive pain and you can achieve 99% of the same results using MAX Msp. That being said if you hate having money and love wasting your time they are kind of fun.”

3. TR8


“It’s not pretty, but it sounds great! F the haters… all the X0X machines in one box, it’s amazing. One of the best value pieces of gear out there.”

4. Smallstone

small stone

“I’m pretty crazy for these phase shifting FX. This is a 80s Russian Smallstone, and while it’s not the best box out there, it’s got a great character if you can hit the very small spot just right.”

5. Vintage Keys

vintage keys

“A super cheap EMU sound module that I bought because apparently all the synth sounds on Timeless by Goldie were made using one of these. Has some great strings.”

6. Rega Preamp

rega preamp

“A bit boring, but essential to me for ripping and sampling, these aren’t expensive but a big improvement over the preamps in most standard DJ mixers. It’s also USB so you can rip directly into your computer, but I find the A/D a bit lacking via USB.”

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