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A Look Into Max Cooper’s Studio


Ahead of his live show at KOKO on September 20th, Max takes us through an exclusive peek into the studio equipment that he used to produce his One Hundred Billion Sparks album and other previous compositions. With the tour’s London show coinciding with this 3rd studio album’s release date, these personal insights offer a tantalising flavour of the upcoming performance. The hardware that Max uses is vital in his ability to create brand new, experimental and immersive sonics for audiences to experience both live and at home; join us below for this mini-foray into his world.

Moog Sub37 and Electro Harmonix Memory Man

1 Moog and Memory Man

“One of my favourite combos: the huge sound of the Moog Sub37, and the lovely degrading delay of the Electro Harmonix Memory Man.”

Max’s Collection of Pedals

2 Pedals

“I love my pedals: lots of delays (Meet Maude, El Capistan), distortions (RM-1N, Echo Degrader) and strange manglings (Particle, Ring Mod, Midi Murf, Crazynator).”

Dave Smith Sequential Prophet 6 & Roland Juno 6

3 Prophet and Juno

“Two beautiful synths, each full of character: the Dave Smith Sequential Prophet 6 and the original early 80s-built classic Roland Juno 6 with midi added.”

Max’s Most Often Used

4 Often Used

“I use the Moog Minitaur synth, the WMD Geiger Counter wave table distortion and Strymon Big Sky reverb so much to get the shine I want towards the end of projects that I have them sat right in front of and under the screen.”

RE-201 Space Echo Tape Delay

5 Tape Delay

“And, of course, I can’t do studio pics without a mention for the classic RE-201 Space Echo tape delay for those lovely wobbling pitch imprecisions and tape saturation.”

Otis and Roland Juno 6

And finally, the most important part of the studio: Otis the cat.

6 Otis on Juno

Max Cooper performs live at KOKO London for his One Hundred Billion Sparks album tour on September 20th. His third studio album is also out on the same day.

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