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A Quick Chat with Andrea


Coming live from Paris we have 22 years old, electronic music producer Andrea. Taking influences from electronica, hip hop and two-step have given his productions help to give dancefloors a laid-back swagger.  Having been producing music for the last four years he is also co founder of the record label Moose Records.

So Andrea, you’ve just been added to the line-up alongside Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard – Musically this is going to be a great night! Tell me what you’re looking forward to the most?
I’m just really excited to be playing in London because I deeply love this city and it’s a land of opportunity to me. Since I’m already friends with Bondax and Karma Kid, I think it’s gonna be a really fun night. We actually had a similar night in Paris a couple of months ago and this seems like the ‘return’ match which is pretty cool.


What’s your typical day?
I used to work as a graphic designer in an ad agency, but I stopped it to make music a year ago so now. I get up in the morning around 10/11am, check my mails and try to take care of all the administrative stuff I have to do in the afternoon. I always tend to compose music randomly at some point in the afternoon, play with synths, guitar, piano etc. I then catch a break, have dinner, watch a movie or something, hang out for a bit and then get back to music until I fall asleep.


In terms of production, what inspired you to start making music?
Listening to all the electronica stuff that was going on when I was a teenager made me want to start producing. Bands like Boards of Canada or Massive Attack. I had no idea how to do it and what program to use because everyone I knew was listening to metal and really weird stuff – It took some time before I really got to it.


How important has your hometown been in helping with this?
Not that much actually. The whole music scene was dominated by French house and the whole French touch post-daft punk so no one really understood that kind of music. France is really slow when it comes to understanding music trends!


We really like what you’ve done on soundcloud, by uploading a series of tracks labelled day 1, day 2 day 3, all the way through to day 31. Basically you’ve uploaded a snippet of music each day for a month. Can you tell us a little more about this project?
It came to a point where I had a bunch of stuff ready but was waiting for others to push things forwards and I got really frustrated about it. So, I needed to do stuff that I could upload right away and that could get me closer to people that listen to my music. I decided to ask people to tell me what they wanted me to sample and build a track out of one of those each day for 31 days. That was, I think, the way to do it. Plus as a producer it was really interesting having to learn and create new techniques and arrangements to avoid doing the same thing 31 times in a row.

What was it like remixing Sam Smith?
Pretty cool and easy actually, his voice is so cool that you could do anything with it so I had a lot of fun making that bootleg, and was really blessed to get Monki to play it on BBC Radio 1


What sort of vibe are you going to bring to the warehouse party?
Since the London vibe is already there and made bigger by Bondax and such, my live set is going to bring that broken beat LA vibe to the warehouse party and I really hope people will fall for it.


Any forthcoming projects or releases you can tell us about?
Finishing an EP right now, got a bunch of remixes coming out soon and also working on a huge collab album that I’m really eager to release!


and friends present

Bondax Debut Headline Live Show
Friday 4th October

Joe Goddard
Sweater Beats
Karma Kid
Andrea (live)

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£17.50 selling Fast
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