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A Quick Chat with Deetron


Ahead of his special guest performance in London to bring in the first evening of 2015. Deetron talks to LWE about his recent excursions in Australia, and the process of working on making music in multiple locations. Deetron will play with Maya Jane Coles, Heidi , Kim Ann Foxman, Dense & Pika and more this Thursday at Renaissance Rooms for the Tobacco Dock after party!


Hey Deetron. Thanks for speaking with LWE. What have you been up to in Australia?
I’ve been touring around the country with a festival called Stereosonic with gigs in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, which were all really nice. I got to spend a bit of a holiday with the family in between the gigs as well.


To launch your new record label ‘Character’ you’ve teamed up with Ripperton once gain as Roots Panorama. How did this come together?
We have been working together on a regular basis over the past few years. We would meet up in his or my studio and spend a few hours making recordings and putting some ideas together. We then take the files to our own studios and each of us works out a version with the material from the session.


You’ve just released the second EP on the imprint, which is your own “Theory Of Light” – Can you tell us a bit more about this?
The basic idea for this track, which was basically just the bassline, has been sitting around on my computer for quite some time, but I never got round to finishing it for some reason. I stumbled across it when I was trying to figure out what I could do with Character 002 and came up with the piano and synth hook rather quickly. I spent quite some time on the mixdown however and I’m particularly happy with it I have to say.


The A side “Photon” is pretty crazy sounding and one for peak time in the main room. How have you switched it up with the Dub?
It’s just meant to be a handy tool for me to step things up a gear in my DJ sets. The first reactions were so good though that I decided to release it as well.



And what’s coming up next from the label?
We’re working on a collab EP with a dear friend of mine from Berlin at the moment,  which should be ready for release in February or so.


Your fabric 76 released earlier this year, which can be referred to as a mix of your all-time favourites, has worked out really well. Would say this was the pinnacle of your 2014? What are other highlights?
It was certainly a musical highlight for me in 2014, but most of all I was really excited to finally start my own label and to be able to operate even more independently and to take on a new challenge.


You come from a family of musicians – Would you say that this background has influence on your sound?
Of course it would’ve influenced me. My interest in various music was fuelled by the omnipresence of music in our family for sure.


It wasn’t that long ago that you’ve released “Love Song” with Seth Troxler. Can we expect more big collaborations from you in the forthcoming 2015?
I’m not planning any collaborations at the moment, but I would love to work with singers I haven’t worked with in 2015 – particularly with Soul voices as I’m very much interested in fusing techno and house with more soulful elements and I’ve done so over the past few years on a few occasions. My personal favorite in that sense is “I Cling”.


What would you list as your 5 top tracks at the moment?

  1. Floating Points – Nuits Sonores
  2. Barnt – Chappelle
  3. Redshape – Leaves
  4. Moody – It’s 2 late 4 Me & U
  5. Caribou – Your love will set you free (C2 remix)


Maya Jane Coles & Friends Present 
Renaissance Rooms
10pm – 6am

Maya Jane Coles X Heidi X Kim Ann Foxman
(very special back-to-back-to-back)

Deetron (Special guest)
Dense & Pika (Extended set)
Wax Wings
Brendan Long
& more


1st Release £30.00 On Sale Now
2nd Release £35.00
LWE NYD Tobacco Dock & MJC NYD £65.00 (On Sale Now)

Maya Jane Coles, Heidi & Kim Ann Foxman will also play at Tobacco Dock on 1st January 2015 at LWE NYD
(midday – 10.30pm) for more info on this event click here: