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A Quick Chat With Dinamo Azari


With our 3rd Birthday just around the corner it was only right that we introduce the headline act… drum roll please; here’s Dinamo Azari! Part of the Canadian quartet Azari & III, Dinamo will be representing them on the 6thJuly in the LWE vs Cadenza room. Having made a lot of their productions in a smoke filled Montreal warehouse, we’re sure that he’ll feel more than comfortable in the carnivorous arches of Great Suffolk Street. A true sonic pioneer Dinamo is an artist that is fully absorbed within the realms of electronic music, both as a producer and as a performer.

What were the biggest inspirations to forming your own sound when you first started out?

Not really any, but I use to take my clothes off and dance like a cave man in my birthday suit to the opening part of the Muppet Show.

What is the best environment for you to make music in?
Children’s playgrounds, best reverb chamber in those slides. At night of course.

If someone was to walk into your studio what would they see?
They wouldn’t see anything cause of the cloud of smoke, but they would sure as hell hear something.
 Maybe my soundcraft mixer/Lee Scratch Perry edition.

Dinamo, what are you most looking forward to about Djing at a London warehouse party?
Getting really dirty & grimy, I don’t need a stage. Put me on the floor with the dancers. Turn off all the lights and lets strobe the fuck out in a big warehouse. Oh and don’t forget the lazers & smoke!
Where do you think the global electronic music scene will be in five years?

If you could have one super power for a day, what would it be?
Flying Angel wings maybe? Takes so long to get anywhere these days. 
Or maybe just lazer beam finger tips… Fuck this, its hard to choose.

When you’ve got a bit of time off what is your favorite meal to cook up at home?
Crepes all types, but I make them mini micro. Not nano but smaller than usual like soft taco style.

Worst job you’ve had?
Lucky to just have a job these days!

What’s your favorite sport? Do you follow a team?
I like sports, they are a fun way to keep active and blow off some steam. 
You might say I like Hockey.

What has been your best memory whilst playing out live or DJing?
Recently I went back to back with T.E.E.D in Detroit after our live performances at Movement. 5 hrs later still going. Even while the owners were trying to kick us out as we were in full force, literally. Back at the hotel we found out the Dinosaurs are really good Greco Roman wrestlers. 😉

If you could party with anyone dead or alive who would it be?
Nostradamus or David Bowie either or. Think of the late night drunken rants & prolific hallucinations. I would see the future and puke in it. Glass of Milk and a pile of Connie 8am.

See you in London!

Dinamo will be headlining the LWE vs Cadenza room on the 6th July, alongside Detroit’s finest Chez Damier, with Argy, Mirko Loko and South London Ordnance finishing it off nicely. In the other room we have Moon Harbour records spearheaded by Matthias Tanzmann, who will be throwing in Ekkohaus (Live), Italoboyz and Dan Drastic. There are a limited number of £20 tickets available before the prices go up, so grab them quick!