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A Quick Chat with Dorian Paic


We chewed that fat with Dorian Paic, who has just started touring and getting back in the studio after a bit of a holiday. Besides being a core member of the Cocoon crew since day dot, Dorian continues to push his own brand raum musik. A master of the DJing art, he’s also pretty good at the A&R side of things, with his label releasing an EP from Ricardo Villalobos later this month.

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Hey Dorian, thanks for taking the time to speak to LWE. What have you been up to?
I’ve just returned from my holidays, and this weekend will be my first gig having not played since the beginning of January. Really looking forward now to playing and getting out touring again. All the senses and ears have been refreshed, and I’m ready to go!


What were the highlights for you last year?
For sure my Birthday party in Berlin at the end of March which was at the Hoppetosse was special. Besides that I really enjoyed my time at Sonus Festival in Croatia and as well playing at the Cocoon closing party in Amnesia / Ibiza.


2014 marked fifteen years for Cocoon in Ibiza and Sven’s 50th. How were the celebrations for those?
Season 2014 in Ibiza was great for Cocoon, and so I was very happy to being invited to the closing party, where I opened the night on the terrace of Amnesia.

As for Sven’s birthday, I was a bit sad that I could not make it, as I had some gigs myself that weekend. But from what I heard, it must have been a night to remember!


What can we expect in the next year for raum musik?
We released a single by Funk E in January this year that did quite well and now in March we have an EP coming up by Federico Molinari and Alexis Cabrera. After that, there will be the second solo EP by Ricardo Villalobos for our label, and then a single by Cedric Dekowski and Felix Reifenberg will follow. These are two young, really handsome guys from the Frankfurt area that are definitely worth to keep an eye on them.


Any other projects you are working on at the moment?
I just finished a remix for Felipe Venegas, which has recently been released on the New York based label Inmotion Music. I’ve also finished a remix for Tucillo and Shaun Reeves, which will be out on Visionquest in May – A remix for Sons of Tiki, which will be out on Vakant, together with a remix by Malin Genie. Besides that, there will be a track featured on the upcoming La Pena 017, that I did together with Markus Fix and two other releases – one with Federico Molinari and the other one with Felipe Valenzuela, both on different labels.

Besides that I am working on some new tracks by myself and another project with my dear friend Patrick Ense from Berlin.


What’s been the best memory for you behind the decks in London?
New Years Day 2012 I guess that was, at Kubicle public toilet. I was playing before Craig Richards… It was bright daylight; there were lots of friends around and the vibe was just so nice.


Do you prefer small clubs or big clubs?
A bit of both I’d say. Sometimes I like to bang it out on a bigger floor, but when you play to the large crowds too much, you can lose the feeling for the smaller, more intimate situation. So, it’s best is if you do both I guess.
Which album influenced you most growing up?
That is hard to choose but for sure Grace Jones – Night Clubbing is one to mention here.


Describe your typical day?
Getting up in the morning, then I start checking emails and doing all stuff that needs to be done. After some lunch, I start working on music, or I will listen to demos or promos while checking stuff in the internet like Discogs, online record shops etc. Depending on what I do this can take until the evening, or when I am working on music, even longer. After that, I spend some time watching movies to calm down a bit. Then I go to bed.


Cocoon London
10pm – 6am (last entry 1am)
Building Six

The O2, Greenwich, London SE10 0AX

Room 1
Sven Vath – 5 hours
Markus Fix

Room 2 hosted by Rhythmatic.
Dorian Paic
Steve O’Sullivan Live
Andy Luff