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A Quick Chat with Ejeca


This January we’ll be launching our new series Mixed with two of the UK’s most celebrated newcomers over the past few years (Citizen and Ejeca). Both of these artists are now working on a collaborative project together, whilst still working under their own respective aliases. We chewed the fat with Garry aka Ejeca, and asked him what’s been going on in his world!


What do you like most about playing in London? Are there any memorable moments you’ve had in the city?
My Most memorable moment has to be a Sud Electronic Halloween party I attended back in 2010. I was dressed like a mime and danced until I couldn’t any longer. Citizen was playing, it was perfect.

I really enjoyed headlining Corsica over the summer; the place was rammed and built a nice set over 3 hours, a lot of techno. I’ve lived here for around 14 months now, it’s been a big change from Belfast but have loved every minute.

What is your favourite track/s to play out the moment? Are there any that get a big reaction from the crowd?
I’m loving Enemy records at the moment and tracks from Psyk, Florian Meindl and Developer

What can we expect from your new project with Citizen (MOUNTAINKING)?
Just good club techno, the first release is quite tribal and the second will be more on the melodic tip. The live element will be where it is most relevant, nerve wrecking but exciting at the same time.

What was the reason behind the collaboration?
Yeh I think we we’re both moving away from the sound we established ourselves with and playing more driven music. Moving to London has definitely helped spur me on to collaborate.

Is there anybody else your collaborating with at the moment? If not, who would you like to collaborate with in the future?
I’m working on some other things at the moment but trying to spin too many plates at once. Burial would be the ultimate collab for me.

Can you give us any hints as to what’s coming up on your label ‘Exploris’?
Last year was very much a start-up year, I’m going to concentrate a lot on A&R this year and build the labels sound. The third release is finished and coming from a friend from Belfast Chris Hanna, hope for it to be out in March

If you could describe your sound in 3 words what would it be?
Fist in air

What was your favourite set of 2014?
Jon Hopkins Live

Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
Keep her lit