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A Quick Chat With Icicle


Jeroen Snik, better known as Icicle, signed exclusively to Shogun Audio in 2008 since making the move over from his motherland Holland. With no doubt in keeping a strong reputation for himself as an immaculate producer, and a leading curator on Rinse FM he’s blended the boundaries between DNB, Dubstep and techno. Typically Shogun in approach he’s doing things in bass music in a leftfield way, and we can’t wait to see the outcome of his album. With that on the cards we’re sure he’s going to be packing his wellies and off to a few festivals this summer so decided to ask about his festival antics.

What is your funniest memory from a festival?
I got so many memories of big DJs with big egos and high blood alcohol falling off stages, always the highlight of a night.

What are the 5 essential items that you take with you to a festival?
Girlfriend, music, headphones, clean socks & hotel room key.

What is your favourite UK festival and why?
Outlook! It might not be in the UK but in my opinion it’s a UK festival nonetheless! Wicked crowd, line up that’s entirely up my street and an amazing location!

What is your favourite European festival and why?
There are so many different ones great for different reasons but one of the most impressive has to be Tomorrow Land. I have never seen production like that anywhere.

What festivals can we catch you at this summer?
A bunch of really good ones actually, but most haven’t been officially announced yet. Gonna have to watch this space.

What has been your best festival memory as a punter?
The last time I went to a festival as a punter I was 18, it was lowlands in Holland and to be honest I have no memories of it apart from seeing a tent on fire some time in the morning and people worshipping it like a totem pole.

…And as a DJ?
Playing Outlook main stage closing set with the sun coming up two years in a row, never gonna forget that!

Who are your ideal 5 non DnB headliners for a festival?
Jeff Mills (twice)
Amon Tobin
Tribe Called Quest
The Prodigy



Shogun Audio London
Friday 25/04/14
10pm – 6am
Fire London

South Lambeth Road
London SW8 1UQ

Calyx & Teebee
Fourward b2b Joe Ford
Sam Binga

Hosted by

SP:MC, Linguistics, AD, Mantmast.

Advanced Tickets: £10 – £25 + bf
Early Birds SOLD OUT!

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