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A quick Chat with Infected Mushroom


Having immersed themselves in the studio, in between a busy schedule of shows, Infected Mushroom have yet another jaw dropping psychedelic EP on the way in the shape of “Friend’s on Mushroom’s Volume 2”.  Due to be released on the 16th July on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label, the 25th July will mark the official launch for the volume, with a secret warehouse party in London.

Exploring new avenues with their sound, the volume bridges the gap between inspirations from the past and present, whist propelling Infected Mushroom into the future.  With such an extensive fan base across the globe, London is the lucky candidate that gets to host the event! The guys had a few words to say about it all to.


What have been the biggest inspirations behind “The Friend’s on Mushrooms Vol. 2?
We really liked the response of the collaborations we did in Vol. 1 so we wanted to keep that train chugging – this new EP is a monster!!

As producers how much has your sound evolved to where you are at now, to when you were when you first bounced onto the scene?
Our sound has changed a lot in terms of the genres we explore now-a-days. When we first started we were purely Psy-Trance, but now we are all over the place… however, what we are told is that even though we have branched off to try out new sounds, we have still brought our “Infected-style” – so the music sounds a bit updated but you can still hear us in there 😉

You’re obviously well known for being live performers, but what do you enjoy most about going back to basics and getting behind the decks?
DJ sets have become rare for us, so it pumps our fan-base up when we get to do one of these kinds of performances. For us it is easier to DJ, takes less out of us… but it hypes the fans up, so there is still tons of energy out in the crowd. We are looking forward to London!

What’s been your most memorable experience whilst DJing or playing live?
Hard to say, perhaps when Matisyahu came on stage at Baltimore Virgin Music festival to freestyle on top of our beats. Perhaps playing for nearly a million people on the beach of Rio de Janeiro with the Black Eyes Peas. Maybe it was having Robby Krieger (from The Doors) on stage playing guitar with us in Hollywood. I could think of a hundred more awesome times… We have had so many amazing experiences, it’s hard to choose just one.

What are you most looking forward to about having the EP launch in the grimey atmosphere of a London warehouse?
Grimy music for a grimy atmosphere – let’s DO THIS!!

Be warned tickets for this event are limited to only 500, and half the allocation sold in 2 days. This event will sell out, so don’t miss out…

It’s not very often that you get to see one of the world’s most popular electronic acts play in such intimate surroundings!