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A Quick Chat With Rework


Ahead of their live set at Tobacco Dock later this summer, LWE caught up with a trio of producers that call themselves – Rework. They’ll be playing live at Acid Future, so we thought we’d ask them about the relation between their live set up and their studio setting.


Hey Rework. Thanks for taking the time to speak to LWE. What have you been up to and what’s the summer looking like for you guys?
We are so excited to play some real nice shows this summer. Seth Troxler’s Acid Future and a Off Sonar Yakazi Showcase at Pacha Barcelona. We also want to spend some time in the studio for new Visionquest tracks.


Describe your sounds in three words?
Minimal. Techhouse. Punk


What have been the biggest influences and inspirations for you guys in making this?
All the great Synthpop from the 80’s to now – Kraftwerk, New Order… There are also so many outstanding techno house releases that we don’t know were to start when it even comes to even so much as mentioning a name.


What’s been the stand out show that you guys have played so far?
We absolutely loved to play at the Benicassim Festival some years ago, and also our DJ Set with Maxime Iko at Badaboum Le Bal Con party this year was cool. Last weekend we had a nice live show at Lärm in Budapest where Sascha invited everyone in the audience to go backstage.


If we were to walk into your studio what would we see?
Not as many exciting machines that we used to have some years ago. Still there are some analogue and digital synths. Some Rolands, Korgs, Sequential, Yahamas, Rhodes Mark2, Telecaster guitar and Hofner bass.


And does your live set use much of the same kit? Is it a natural progression from the studio?
No, the old machines that we use are too bulky and fragile for travelling.
We damaged some rare synths on Rework tours in the past, so we decided to play minimal sets and leave our synths at home. The sounds are transferred into the laptop as loops or we rebuild a sound with a softsynth. We would love to use some Roland Aira stuff live but don’t have them at the moment (Hello Roland! )


How do you make each live set different from the next one? 
Theres a lot of improvising with the loops, the softsynths, fx and the vocals with a boss space echo. We also use a Korg Volca on stage and we never play the same tracklist.