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A Quick Chat With Simian Mobile Disco


Every generation there is always one electronic act that defies the rules and passes through all the trends; acknowledging them but never following them. In recent years Simian mobile disco have broken through these barriers of what we have come to expect from producers, and taken it back to what it’s all about. Making great music that changes people’s perception of genre and what dance music can be.

We caught up with the guys ahead of their warehouse session with us in February…

Describe your typical day in the studio?

Get in, get some coffee, turn everything on, get the mod synths running and talking happily to each other. Get the computer going – we use it as a fancy tape machine essentially – then start recording long jams.


What made you go from the transition from a band to an electronic duo?

It was a transition that was somewhat forced on us – the band broke up, and we just continued making the electronic music we were making on the side anyway…

What was the most difficult thing about going through this process?

Well, the band breaking up wasn’t the most fun, obviously… but after we’d gone through that, the process of working on stuff a duo was totally smooth.

In terms of style, what were the biggest influences on your first productions as Simian Mobile Disco?

Hmm.. probably Aphex, Dopplerefekt, Timberland, Chic….

Fast forward to the end of 2012, how far, and where do you feel your sound has evolved to now?

It’s different… deeper, bit more psychedelic a bit more considered. Still dancefloor but not quite as banging.

What were the biggest inspirations to you whilst producing your latest album Unpatterns?

A lot of the current UK scene, Hessle, Joy O, etc have filtered through. And Aphex and Dopplerefek still!

The electronic music scene is without a doubt in a state of change, where do you feel you guys fit into this?

Er.. we usually leave it to others to decide out place within the scenes and genres. We consider ourselves quite apart from the burgeoning US EDM scene – for quite a while now we’ve had to turn down gigs with lineups that don’t really fit us anymore.


What are your plans for the forthcoming year?

We’ve both got a couple of production projects coming up.. in terms of SMD stuff, we’re working on a few collaborations with other artists. All top secret at the moment, but we’re hoping to do a series of singles this year on our Delicacies label. Then playing some live shows at festivals over the summer…

What s your best memory that stands out, as a performer?

It’s just so tough to pick one…


Having already built up such a strong reputation and achieving great things, what are your future goals?

To keep making and performing music. That’s all we’ve ever wanted really.

South London Ordnance, Matt Walsh and Untold will all be supporting you on the night, what are your views n these guys?

Matt is an old friend of ours, we’ve played his party, he’s played ours for a few years now. Jack (Untold) is someone we’ve been a fan of for years, and his current techno led DJ sets really fit with what we’re doing at the moment. SLO is a pretty new and upcoming producer that we’ve heard some interesting stuff from, so we’ve got a broad spread of different talents.


Finally what sort of show can we expect from you at the warehouse in February?

Mod synths, distortion, hits old and new… and some lights.


Simian Mobile Disco (Live)
Friday 22nd February: 10pm to 6am
East London Warehouse

South London Ordnance
Matt Walsh
+ more

Advanced tickets on sale Monday 3rd December at 10am
**This is a limited capacity event**
£15 to £20 + BF