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A Quick Chat with SIS


SIS will bring a distinct middle eastern tone to his set at Tobacco Dock on the 9th August. Having released on Crosstown’s sister label Rebellion, his music is totally out there whilst offering something different from the rest of the pack. Hugely supported by the likes of Damian and Crosstown, it’s easy to see why when you listen to his music!


Hey SIS. Thanks for taking the time to speak to LWE. What have you been up to?
Hey! Chaos these days as I have moved again into a new flat 😉

You’ve played in clubs all over the world, but what’s been the best experience you’ve had behind the decks. Anything that really sticks out in your memory?
Well, Japan Taico festival and Amnesia Ibiza for Cocoon was such an amazing experience for me, so I have to say those, but also many more shows.

It’s always something special when open minded people turn up in a good mood and come together listening to the music.

How would you describe your DJing style in three words?
Groovy, sexy & danceable.

We’ve heard you also play live, what do you enjoy most about that?
To be able to play all my own tracks in another way then the tracks are arranged on the eps taking the baseline from one track the high hats from another one and on and on… The opportunites for enchancing my creativity are endless.


If we were to walk into your studio right now what would we see?
Nothing! My mac is my studio. Beside the mac I record many sounds with Zoom H4 recorder or play my own instrument parts like the caisa drum.

I can’t work everyday in the same position in the same room same moves etc. I need my studio with me.


Any forthcoming releases on your label, or other projects you can shout about?
I am just starting a new digital label called pour vous .

First EP will be my “Phoenix EP” and then many catalog numbers are already chosen.As well as a new project of mine which will come out as an album called “Backgrounds”Because I produced just those kind of tracks that was surrounding me when I was a young boy.

So there will be down tempo songs with some more traditional instruments like the rhodes and congas. On top of thata couple of hip hop tracks with some really talented guys. Not forgetting some reggae beats too as I had also my ragamuffin time 🙂
I hope everyone is going to like the different parts of my music!


And what’s been the ethos behind your label Cocolino Records?
Well, I started Cocolino as I could not find enough labels for my music, so I thought it’s the best way to leave everything with me- company and the rights 🙂

How much has the label evolved since you first started it?
Cocolino has never been a money machine for me. Therefor I have no timetables or deadlines for releases. Kind of underground… That’s if we can still call something underground!


What have been the biggest influences on creating your own style of music?
uciano & Ricardo 2004 Robert Johnson Club in Offenbach !


Can you tell us something people might not know about you?
I am the type of human with all love and mistakes as everyone of us 🙂
Melancholic is surrounding me 🙂

Thx for the interview 🙂




LWE presents Summer in the City: Tobacco Dock
Saturday 9th August
12.00pm to 10.30pm

Groove Armada DJ Set
DJ Sneak
Lee Foss
Waze & Odyssey
Anja Schneider
Enzo Tedeschi
Mark d’Ground

Crosstown Rebels presents Rebel Rave
Damian Lazarus
Mathew Jonson LIVE
Clive Henry
Damian Oh
Wesley Razzy

Metro Area
Kate Simko
Social Disco Club
Krywald & Farrer

Advanced Tickets
1st Release: £27.50 + bf – SOLD OUT
2nd Release: £29.50 + bf – SOLD OUT
3rd Release: £35.00 + bf ON SALE NOW
4th Release: £39.50 + bf

VIP Tickets

1st Release: £50.00 + bf SOLD OUT
2nd Release: £65.00 + bf ON SALE NOW
– Dedicated VIP area & private cocktail bar
– Fast track entry & free cloakroom
– Separate toilets

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