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A Quick Chat With Tommy Four Seven


We have long built up a great relationship with Chris Liebing and his team at CLR and are delighted to be able to host a techno fueled stage with them at Eastern Electrics this year. As we preview to you a selection of artists that will be playing on this stage, the first we’d Like to introduce is British born Tommy Four Seven.

Hey Tommy thanks for taking the time to speak with LWE, we can’t wait to bring you back to the London to play at Eastern Electrics this year. What have you been up to?
Yes, can’t wait to play too, great line up! The most exciting news is the launch of a new collaboration project called, These Hidden Hands which is with my good friend Alain from One Million Mangos mastering. We’ve written an LP and plan to release on our new label, ‘Hidden Hundred.’ Coming this Autumn!

Berlin has obviously been a massive source of inspiration to your musical career, but what do you miss the most about living in the UK?
My family, friends, real ale and Waitrose organic hummus.

And what don’t you miss?
Everything else.

You were already making waves on the London circuit before you moved to Berlin, but what was the main reason behind you moving?
Back in 2008 I felt uninspired by the London scene. I’d visited Berlin a few times whilst living in London and loved the vibe and inspiration it offered. It was also a lot more artist friendly in the sense that rent prices were still affordable and there’s still empty spaces, which makes it possible to build your own decent studio outside of your bedroom, without neighbours to complain. Which is exactly what I did together with Alain, the guy from my new project, These Hidden Hands, which I just mentioned.

Describe your typical day in the studio.
A typical day depends on the project I’m working on. One sure process is to collect a pallet of sounds by either recording with microphones or jamming with a synth, drum machine and maybe playing around with a few stomp boxes. Once I’ve got some decent sounds I’d spend time selecting the most interesting stuff and use that as a base to begin the writing process.

For all the production geeks out there can you tell us a little bit about your studio set up?
It’s not that much gear because I generally tend to work for the most part within Logic but am slowly expanding the set up.
Apple Logic 9
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40
UAD-2 Satellite with various plug-ins
Roland 909
Jomox 999
Sherman Filterbank 2 Dual Rack
A few decent mics and a couple of hand held recorders
A few stomp boxes, mostly from EHX and Zvex
DJ – Allen&Heath Xone 92, 2x1Ds, NI Audio 8.

Out of all of your DJ friends who do you have the most fun with in the club?
It’s always crazy when the whole CLR crew are out!

What’s your favorite country to play in outside of Europe?
It’s always interesting to sample other cultures, especially far away from Europe so I’d say Japan. The people have a great energy.

We have watched back and loved the Boiler Room you did earlier this year, do you think streams like this have replaced the old listening patterns of radio and pirate radio?
Thanks! Yeah I think that’s probably the case, especially in the future now Youtube is starting to offer more in terms of live streaming etc.


Eastern Electrics Festival – LWE vs.CLR

Saturday 3rd August
Knebworth Park

Brian Sanhaji
Chris Liebing
Planetary Assault Systems
Tommy Four Seven