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A Quick Chat with Visionquest’s Ryan Crosson


Visionquest will play a three hour set in the car park on the first day of 2015. This will be a proper chance for the guys to show what a journey they have been on in 2014, and let us know what to expect next year. We spoke to Ryan Crosson (one third of the crew) and asked him a few random questions.



What has been the most memorable experience for you guys behind the decks in 2014? It’s hard to say. We had a pretty hectic year all over the place. Our party during WMC party in March was a nice highlight. We did it on the first Friday and had a great vibe. I think people were really fresh at the beginning of the conference week and had a lot of energy for our event. It made a huge difference. The Sunday School tent at Mysterylands was pretty good too. The crowd there was bonkers by the end of the night.

And looking into 2015 – what can we expect from you?
More music, more tunes, more songs

Is it hard with the 3 of you being split up quite a bit of the time, being from different places?
No, not at all really. It hinders us working on music together but if we ever really want to get serious about making a record together, we’ll move around to make it work.

If you could describe your own style in 3 words what would you say?
Techno, house, ambient

What are you most looking forward to about playing at Tobacco Dock on New Year’s Day?
Having a drinking contest with Heidi (maybe)

Any new year’s resolution?