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Action On Hearing Loss


In the days of pumping soundsystems on the weekends, and studio-designed headphones on the way to work, it’s more important than ever to look after your hearing. That’s why though EarPeace and Action on Hearing Loss, we’re trying to emphasise the importance of looking after your ears as a clubber to increase awareness about hearing damage and tinnitus.

The charity Action on Hearing Loss are offering aid, research and advice on how to manage hearing conditions. To DJs, producers, clubbers and others involved in the music industry looking after your ears is massively important- especially to those who are in the music industry. Hearing damage is definitely not something that should be overlooked, particularly in the music scene where many of us can say we’ve left a night out and our ears are still ringing.


Simply wearing earplugs can be enough to protect your ears whilst in a night club. And although custom moulds can be expensive for the typical clubber, offer an affordable solution that’s picked up good reviews. Here’s the ethos of the product from –

Founder of EarPeace Jay Clark said:

“We designed EarPeace to be the best ear plugs for concerts, nightclubs, band practice, and other environments where you want to hear clearly. We engineered EarPeace ear plug attenuation filters to deliver the right amount of sound for your specific environment. We want you to feel the music AND be able to communicate clearly with your friends AND leave without your ears ringing. We test all EarPeace products according to EU standards and they are certified through SAI Global.”

Watch about them here:

Chris Martin and Plan B who both examples of famous musicians who suffer from tinnitus as a result of not using sufficient protection over the years. There are many ways for musicians to prevent this, and Action on Hearing Loss are working with musicians to reiterate how essential it is to be informed of the ways in which you can look after your ears when you’re exposed to loud music for long periods of time. Hearing damage/ tinnitus are irreversible, so protecting your hearing is vital if you want to keep enjoying the beats!

At LWE we care about the wellbeing and safety of our customers and want to try and spread awareness amongst the clubbing community about this and encourage all partygoers to wear some form of ear protection – especially if you enjoy being next to the speakers! We’ll be giving away a selection of the ear plugs over the next few months- So keep your ears open!