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Alex.Do Interview


Alex.Do – Born in the same year as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the meeting of two forces are reflected in the life of the young artist; as with the creative freedom that this event released. His DJ-sets are deep, last several hours and give you the feeling of being on another planet, he can live his melancholic, introverted side. At the same time, his pulsating mood sweeps are electrifying, which characterise his personality as well as his productions.



Hey Alex. Thanks for taking a minute to chat to us. What have you been
up to… how has the start of 2015 been?

2015 has been fantastic so far. I’ve had so many great shows and fantastic moments and we’re only in March. So I’m looking forward to what will happens during the rest of the year.


It’s always interesting to hear about the roots of who/what inspired the producers of today. Which artists influenced you at the beginning of your career? And what are the biggest inspirations now?
In the beginning I was really into Hip Hop, which I still like to listen to, and music from the 80ies.
I think the first real electronic and closest to techno music I listened to was The Prodigy. They’ve had a real impact on me. Today I would say that all these obscure and crazy Dark Wave stuff from the 80’s is still a real big influence for me. And acts like boards Of Canada.


How did you first become connected with Dystopian?
I first met Rødhåd in 2008… I think. That was before Dystopian existed. Later he and
two friends decided to team up and Dystopian was born. In 2011 I became a member of the crew and played for the first time at their regular events at the Arene Club in Berlin.


And what’s the best thing about being party of the crew?
For me, it’s simply the best thing that we all know each other very well and we’re friends. I think that is a good base for honest conversations. We a tell each other what we like and what not about the music, and everything else.



If we were to walk into your studio what would we see? And what’s your most treasured bit of equipment?
Lots of cables, a 32 channels mixing desk, a lot of analogue tone generators and
a big Joy Division Poster. At the moment my biggest treasure is the AMS S-DMX delay which I purchased a few months ago. It’s a freaking crazy machine, which sounds amazing!


How influential has your city and it’s history been on your creative attitude as an artist?
The city was and is very influential for me. Especially the night life which showed me a lot of different corners of electronic music and how people could react to it.


You’re a well-travelled DJ, which country have you been pleasantly surprised by the scene the most?
I travel to France a lot and the Netherlands. I think in these two countries there is a massive energy in the clubs and people are really hungry for more.


What has been the best experience you have had behind the decks?
One of the best feelings and one of the main reasons why I’m doing this is to see people happy and losing their minds when I’m playing music to them.


Can you tell us about the next release you have lined up?
Top secret stuff.


And finally, it’s going to be a pretty special night, having the first Dystopian showcase in London this May. What are you looking forward to the most about it?
Playing music out loud and having a good time!


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The Steelyard
Unit 13, Allhallows Lane, EC4R 3UL

Vril (Live)

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