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Alix Perez Album Showcase Preview



Alix Perez is on a roll, the young producer has made waves within the Drum n Bass scene and at the next edition of the Shogun warehouse party he will be showcasing his album.  He’s not giving anything away about this highly anticipated release, so I guess we’ll just have to wait a little longer for our first peak of what he’s been hiding away.  Catch him on the 26th April alongside Noisia, Friction and more.


The lineup on the 26th April for the Shogun Audio warehouse party is looking huge and it’s your album showcase. How long have you been working on the project for?
I’d say roughly a year and a half, that’s starting from scratch up to the actual finalised project. It took a lot of fine tuning and evolved a lot as an album throughout the production stages.


What’s the album going to be called? And can you give us any clues to what we can expect, or will we just have to wait?
I’m afraid I can’t disclose any information at this very moment but it will all be announced very soon.


What sort of set can we expect from you on the night?
You can expect live performances of the majority of the tracks from the album. Almost all the vocalists featured on the LP will be present and performing individually. I’m really looking forward to it!



How did you first get into Drum n bass?
I first discovered Drum and Bass roughly 14 years ago when I moved from France to the UK. My mum used to play records (recreationally). Mainly Jungle and Techno which is how I came across it. I remember discovering some of the Metalheadz back catalogue, specifically Adam F’s “Metropolis” which was a real turning point musically for me. From there on, I started collecting records and playing them at home and eventually at small parties. Since then it has pretty much become my life.


What have been the biggest influences on your style of production?
All sorts to be honest. I’m continually influenced so it would be difficult to pin point. I listen to a wide array of music and continue to do so.


What is your favorite city to play in and why?
Again, difficult question but I’ve always enjoyed New Zealand. I toured India last year which was probably one of the most influential and eye opening destinations I’ve ever reached through music.


If you could party with anyone dead or alive who would it be? 
Rick James


Who would you most like to make a collaboration with?
Well, let me look through my list…… which is endless. Off the top of my head right now. J Dilla, although that is now very unlikely.


To you, what is the best thing about the fans of Shogun Audio?
Very dedicated and passionate about what we do which I really sense at our nights. It’s nice to have such a following and exciting for us as artists.





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Friction [2hr set ft. P Money & Scrufizzer]
Alix Perez [Album showcase ft Jehst & very special guests!)
The Prototypes
Randle [Jungle set]
Om Unit

MC’s & Hosts: SP:MC / MC AD / Linguistics / LX One / Mantmast / Majestic

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