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An Anja Schneider Guide to London


Anja Schneider has become a firm favourite at Tobacco Dock over the last year, and has absolutely smashed it as our LWE resident for 2016. She’s definitely got a bit of a special connection with London and it’s party people, so we thought we’d ask her a bit more about the other things she does in London apart from DJing.


When was the first time you came to London?
My first visit to London was in ’91, I think maybe on a college trip or so. I was not a DJ at this time! I remember I really liked the feeling of a bustling city. We did all the usual tourist things, which everyone should do at least once.

And where did you first DJ?
My good friend Stuart Geddes invited me to play at a Mulletpver party but god knows how long ago, he would know! I had a great time and my first real experience of the London clubbing scene – it’s something to see and very different to anywhere else! I was really grateful to him for this and we have remained firm friends since.

Favourite places to go and eat / drink?
Very difficult question and probably apart from my friends it’s the main reason for me to come to London. So many places to choose. For drinking maybe late afternoon, early evening glass of good wine, Gordon’s Wine Bar close to Embankment and Charing Cross. It’s a really old wine cellar, dark and cosy.

For old style London pub, there’s The George on Fleet Street/Aldwych, where you get to rub shoulders with all the Barristers coming across the road from the Royal Courts of Justice but I could list a thousand bars.  For food, we had a good dinner at the Krank Brothers restaurant ‘Beagle’ in Hoxton.

For a brasserie type relaxed meal with friends and a bit of Soho nightlife, I like Townhouse on Dean Street, their macaroni cheese is to die for and the Berners Tavern on Berners Street is situated in an amazing room and the food is incredible. But really there are too many, and that is what is great about London – anything and everything is there for you to choose depending on your mood.

What’s your favourite phrase / local saying that Londoners use?
‘Not my cup of tea’ – meaning I don’t like it, or it’s not what I want. It’s very English to my German ears. There are lots of them, which take quite a long time to learn.

What about sunglasses –  Where do you go to get new sunnies? (We know you’re a fan of fresh shades!)… and other shopping?
Ha, you noticed! I try to steer clear of the well known brands and keep my eyes peeled on my travels. Also I like to support young upcoming designers and friends of course. Recently I discovered ‘Capote’ in Ibiza after having lunch with the designer at Fish Shack and finding out he had some with him – I had forgotten mine, it was a perfect lunch meeting!

Anja Schneider at LEAF

If you lived in London, where do you think it would be?
I think I’d have to say Hackney or Shoreditch, just because that’s where a lot of my work is. But I stayed with a friend in Angel, Islington last visit and it was really nice and quiet. Kensington is very nice, great architecture but a little too posh. I like diversity in the people and the shops where I’m living. I would like to live in London very much but of course my son and label and friends are all back in Berlin. One day…

What has it been like being the Tobacco Dock resident for 2015, and what show have you enjoyed the most?
I am of course very touched to be asked to be LWE resident, it started with a bang on New Years Day this year. I was a little worse for wear to play the after-party but a quick disco nap sorted me out – thank goodness. I enjoy being with the LWE gang, they look after us so well and we always have a great time. It’s not so tough having my job sometimes 🙂 I am really looking forward to The Steelyard gig this weekend.

What has been you’re best memory in London whilst DJing?
I will never forget this crazy gig in T Bar or ‘A Night with Anja Schneider ‘ gig where I was playing for more then 8 hours and enjoyed every minute!

Can you pick out some of the differences and similarities you notice between the scenes in London and Berlin?

Open minded, up for anything crowd.

Everyone works hard and plays hard, not so much in Berlin 😉

Traffic, public transport etc. is much better in Berlin – sorry. Everyone says it takes this 20 minutes in London but actually it’s more like an hour.

Bars and pubs are definitely overrated in Berlin, sorry Berlin!

3 London based DJs that we should go check out:
Maya Jane Coles (I guess I don’t have to tell you that!)

Best place in the city to nurse a hangover?
With my friends and a Sunday roast.