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An Interview with Benga


“I’m just tryna live!”: Benga – Chapter Two

Croydon at first seems like an unlikely candidate to be called a musical Mecca, but it’s in this south London suburb that the foundations of dubstep were laid back in the mid noughties. It’s a story that’s been told many times of how the scenes original players were kicking it at Big Apple Records store, experimenting with the sounds of garage, dub and grime to create this revolutionary sound. Benga was one of the pioneers that helped this movement grow rapidly from something for the ‘heads’ at the legendary club nights Croydub and FWD to a worldwide phenomenon. On the 3rd May at The Oval Space (Bethnal Green), teaming up with MistaJam and Speakerbox, we will be bringing you Benga on the eve of his album release “Chapter Two.” Event info/tickets:

With lifelong friend Skream recently tweeting that he won’t be playing dubstep again and that he will be switching to the slower sounds of house, disco and techno; music fans far and wide wait in anticipation for Benga’s next move.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come with his single collaboration with Kano “Forefather”. Release date 06/05/13.

Chapter Two’s an interesting name for the album, are you taking your sound in a new direction, or is about how you have evolved as a person since you first broke onto the scene?
It’s about everything going on in my life. I’m just tryna live!
It’s about how I’ve evolved as a person since I first broke. It’s a reflection of my whole life at the moment and how I’m starting a new chapter in it.

Can you give us any clues about what we can expect from the album?

You can expect diversity, great songs, great features and great surprises.
I don’t want to give too much away but it’s very me. I’m always going to make music that I like and feel… so it will always be very much me.

What festivals are you looking forward to playing at this summer?
Hideout is always a classic time. The boat parties are too much fun. I don’t actually know how they get away with having them but I’m glad they do. This year Skream and me are hosting one so anyone that’s been to hideout or/and know what we are about knows what to expect.
There’s a few more I’m really looking forward to but they haven’t been announced yet so I better keep schtum. Festivals are so much fun man, I love them. Just like big reunions every weekend in the summer with all your most fun friends.

What inspired you to get into music when you were younger?

My older brothers were jungle then garage MC’s and as a young boy there’s no one you look up to more than your cool older brothers. They really made me want to make music. The first time I ever went to Big apple records I knew that music was something I needed to be involved in for the rest of my life. Luckily for me I get to live it everyday which is amazing.

What’s been your best experience playing live as a DJ so far?
There’s been so many amazing times but I think Glastonbury 2010 when man on a mission broke which was one of my tunes which basically turned into Katy on a mission. I just had a feeling my whole set I’ll never forget.
Glastonbury just has a vibe to it. It’s so hard to put into words to be honest. The whole history and size makes it amazing. When you first drive on to the site you can’t believe how many tents and people there are. Walking around at 5 in the morning is like walking onto the set of Mad Max but in the very best way.

Friday 3rd May: 9pm to 4am
Village Underground Shoreditch


+ guests to be announced

Advanced Tickets: £15 to £20 + bf