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An Interview With Friction


 After what’s gone down in clubbing folklore as the meanest D&B rave this year, Shogun Audio are ready to follow up their Great Suffolk Street Warehouse success with another all-new event in London in one of the coolest venues in the city; FRICTION presents ELEVATE – We caught up with the main man himself, to ask him a few questions…

Following the success of the last warehouse party in October, what are you most looking forward to hosting your night alongside LWE?
October was amazing, it was everything it could have every dreamed it to be really.  I personally wanted to do something a little bit more for me, something different from Shogun so its not a full shogun event and something a bit different where I could play a longer set and bring down a few mates to play.


What sort of set can we expect from you over the 3 hours at the Warehouse party?
The general vibes is that I get to play for a bit longer, normally if you catch me at a festival it’s for an hour and it’s non stop bang, fast and furious, but if it’s longer set I can go a bit deeper, and play stuff I might not normally play.  If I have got 3 hours I can take time out and play different tunes, so I don’t have to play one tune for 40 seconds and then smash in another straight away.  Instead of having to go for the whole 3 hours I can go a little bit deeper, go a little bit different. People will experience something a bit unexpected as there will be time to switch it up and more options to express my creativity.


Going back to when you first started, what were the biggest influences on forming your own sound?
 DJ wise I followed, Randal, Carl Cox, whoever was big in the rave scene back then.  I’ve been heavily influenced by the likes of Swift and Zinc as time has moved on.  Having people to inspire you throughout your career has always been an important thing for me.







January is the time of the year there’s lots of new music flying about, are their any newcomers that you think we should be keeping our eye on?
On the radio 1 show I have been pushing a few artists like Mefjus, Dimensions, Technimatic who are signed to Shogun, and have been making some great forward thinking drum n bass. There’s lots of fresh talent across the board at the moment, and lots of really good music coming along with this.


Across the genre, Shogun sticks out as one of the brands that has helped to define a generation of dnb fans.  Where do you see the future of Shogun as a label and as a brand?
It’s mad a lot of the stuff we are releasing is drum n bass influenced, but my next single which is a collaboration with Skream is almost like a future grime track!   (Kingpin. Out in March on Shogun.) Rockwell’s stuff is just totally out there, and Alix Perez has just switched it up completely with his productions.  We’re still releasing a lot of drum n bass, but essentially it seems the label is mutating into an electronic label with a strong ethos of releasing quality electronic music.  Obviously its heavily drum n bass influenced but we’re just trying to release good tunes. If it’s well produced and it’s interesting, then that’s what we are trying to put out there on Shogun.

And finally what has been your best memory as a DJ?
A few years back in Puerto Rico still sticks in the back of my mind.  I was djing at about 4am on the edge of a cliff, with the whole crowd in a tunnel and me at the end of it.  The sea was next to me and the sun was coming up it was amazing, probably one of the maddest sets I have ever done.

Favorite club?
The End.  Anyone that played there would agree it was probably one of the best clubs ever. Still love playing at fabric and as countries go Japan or Australia are two of my favorites.

When you are not in the studio or playing out, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Normal man stuff I suppose. I’m an Arsenal fan, so football and hanging out with my friends. Also I’m learning Spanish at the moment, that’s my new thing!


Friction Presents : Elevate
Shoreditch Warehouse Space

LWE | Shogun

Friction (Extended 3 hour set)
Dub Phizix

MCs: SP:MC & GQ, Strategy, Linguistics

Limited Early Birds: £12.50 + bf
Standard: £15 to £20 + bf

18+ Please note this event is for over 18s only. Bring valid ID. No Id, no entry.