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An Interview with Pet Trio’s Miss Djax


Celebrating 20 years of Stay Up Forever’s firebrand Acid Techno label and the hedonistic underground scene it championed (now on their 100th vinyl release and still going strong!), the label has decided to end the year of SUF100 events with the mother of all parties, combining forces with London’s finest Techno party crew and seminal London label: HYDRAULIX for the first time ever, in a massive three room warehouse location.

Ahead of the massive Stay Up forever party we caught up with Pet Trio’s Miss Djax, a long serving player in the acid techno scene.


How excited are you about playing your first gig in the UK as Pet Trio?
Very excited. There are many fans from the UK already, and they have been a for Pet Trio to play in the UK, and now it finally will happen.


How did Pet Duo to Pet Trio come about?
A few years ago I played at a Knedeep party in Germany and Rush was supposed to play after me but he was delayed. So the Pets took his place and while they were setting up their gear I asked them to play around a bit with me. We had a lot of fun so we decided we should do this more often. Pet Trio was born.


How much do you think the scene has changed since you first got involved?
Well, it’s almost 25 years ago that I first got involved in the scene so it’s logical that much has changed since. One thing I can say, techno and acid will never die.


Stay Up Forever has been at the forefront of squatters rave for as long as we can remember what has brought SUF this success?
Their very cool acid techno releases.








What have been your biggest influences musically, firstly growing up, and  then now?
Music has always been my big love, ever since I was a kid. I like all sorts of music.


What is your favourite country to play in and why?
In the nineties it was Germany , they had so many cool raves every weekend. The Orbit in Leeds used to be my favourite club back then too. At the moment Spain is my favourite country, clubs like Fabrik in Madrid and Florida 125 in Fragar are amazing. And the Spanish crowd knows how to party hard!


If there was one motto or rule you have learnt from raving what would it be?
Don’t drink too much before your set!


What’s the most memorable DJ set you’ve ever played?
My first time at Mayday in 1992 and at the Victory Tower at Berlin’s Love Parade in 1996 and 1998.


If you could party with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
Angelina Jolie, because she’s hot as hell!

Saturday 30th March 2013
9pm To 6am
The Sidings

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