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Andy Luff – 5 Favourite Tracks & Why


Andy Luff has picked out the top 5 tracks that he is feeling at the moment; he’ll be representing the rhythmatic crew on the 28th March at Cocoon. Here are a few tracks you might hear…













1. Mosaic – Rhythm Method Disc 1

I heard this record being played at Fabric a few years back and instantly loved it. A top groover!

2. Ion Ludwig – TC/TR remixes.

Hearing this played at Half Baked a few years back was one of the highlights of trip. A record for any occasion.

3. Melchior Productions Ltd – Dysfunctional Ep

All 4 tracks on this record are really cool. My favourite is on the b side. Those choppy hats are really effective.

4. Ricardo Villalobos – 808 the bassqueen

An absolute classic. Been playing this a lot recently. Fantastic piece of music.

5. Dan Andrei – Saint Omar Ep

Another record that can be played at any time. It’s got everything. Crisp hats, double kicks and a flowing groove that carries the whole way through.