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Anja Schneider DJ Focus


Anja Schneider may well be one of the hardest-working individuals in the business. Label founder, internationally renowned DJ and producer and world-traveler all rolled into one. After getting her start as a producer for KissFM and Fritz Radio, Anja quickly became a radio persona herself with the inception of her now legendary Dance Under the Blue Moon show in 2000. It wasn’t long before Anja’s irresistible magnetism and impeccable taste in music caught the attention of the Berlin masses, propelling her career as a DJ and musician into a full-blown enterprise.


DJ Broadcast presents Roots with Anja Schneider

DJBroadcast Presents Roots with Anja Schneider from DJBroadcast on Vimeo.

After producing and releasing her first tracks in 2004, Anja joined forces with Ralf Kollmann and founded mobilee records shortly thereafter. Within the year she had already begun to lead her newly born label towards success through the signing of acts such as Sebo K and Pan Pot and the release of her own epic track “Rancho Relaxo” in collaboration with the former. As a producer Anja has continued to progress in her own right, releasing her debut LP Beyond the Valley to critical acclaim, with tracks such as “Belize” and “Safari” bombarding charts and dance-floors worldwide. Furthering her unique interest in collaborative producing, Anja’s list of studio partners has grown to include the likes of Paul Brtschitsch and, most recently, Lee Van Dowski. Alongside her original productions, an extensive string of remixes for labels such as Dessous, Crosstown Rebels, and Diynamic lines the walls of her impressive discography.

RA Exchange: Anja Schneider
Listen to this for an insight into Anja’s development from radio, to world touring DJ and how she still keeps her fingers busy in the studio.