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Leaders of the Pack: label owners


Less than four months to go until Arcadia touches down in London. We couldn’t be more excited about how this is shaping up as Arcadia’s iconic spider, their groundbreaking performances, and further artistic and cultural installations are all brought to a further level, championing and additionally magnifying the festival’s past successes.

Once again taking over Stratford’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the colossal levels of creative and cultural production will be met by some of the biggest names in the electronic music scene. Looking ahead to the warmer times and vibes that spring and May pervade, we can’t help but gaze at the four all-round artists that will be headlining Helix, the Saturday segment of Arcadia London’s 2019 edition.

Aside from being the four blockbuster names that comprised our first artist announcement, what do Jamie Jones, Hot Since 82, Alan Fitzpatrick and Sasha all have in common? Simply put, they are the enigmatic leaders behind four of dance music’s most influential record labels.

Hot Creations (Jamie Jones), Knee Deep In Sound (Hot Since 82), We Are The Brave (Alan Fitzpatrick) and Last Night On Earth (Sasha).

Here we put each label under the microscope and pick-out a handful of tracks from their archives – one from the boss and a second from the rest of the roster.

Hot Creations – Jamie Jones

Label Owners 002

Few men embody the cult of the modern super-star DJ more than Jamie Jones.

Due to his exploits at DC10 in Ibiza and antics in East London, JJ and his extended entourage of merry revellers gained notoriety for partying hard on both sides of the decks. Hot Creations were relatable. Here was a group of guys who lived and breathed the hedonistic, afterparty lifestyle.

Whether it was fortuitous circumstance, or whether Jones & Co. had positioned themselves through nothing but obsessive immersion, the label launched into the stratosphere in the early 2010s at the time of the deep house explosion. They’ve not looked back since.

Label Owners 001

The Hot Creations squad are as formidable as the boss, counting Patrick Topping, Richy Ahmed, wAFF and Russ Yallop amongst their ranks. Not to mention their all-star-cast collaborative project, Hot Natured. But it is Jones himself that springs to mind at the mere mention of the label, or, indeed, at first glance of their iconic palm tree logo.

After the final fireball has extinguished and the last lightening bolt has struck, the scene will be set for Jamie to lord over Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with a dynamite closing set. Given that his legacy was built in this part of London, we find that quite fitting.

Jamie Jones & David Berrie – Doctor Zouk
released September 2018

Rebuke – Along Came Polly
released 07-Dec-18

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Knee Deep In Sound – Hot Since 82

Label Owners 003

In ode to one of his earlier hits, Knee Deep In Louise, HS82 launched Knee Deep In Sound in 2014.

Notable for its brooding and atmospheric output, KDIS wasted little time in establishing itself as a reference point within the tech house universe. Its alumni boasts names like Cristoph, OC & Verde and Nick Curly. But it was also the label owner himself who epitomised the sound.

Label Owners 004

We’ve kept a keen eye on the yorkshireman, following his escapades all over the capital, including label takeovers of The Steelyard and Great Suffolk Street, TAKEN and last year’s debut Labyrinth.

After a sustained period of being holed away in the studio, the efforts look set to bear fruit, as Daley readies sophomore album 8-track. The lead single from which is featured below.

Already responsible for some memorable moments across London, Arcadia is perfect setting. That transitional twilight period at dusk seems an appropriately primal backdrop for Daley Padley’s dark tones.

Hot Since 82 feat. Jem Cooke – Buggin’
released June 2018

Harry Romero – Acid Bells
released September 2018

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We Are The Brave – Alan Fitzpatrick

Label Owners 005

Alan Fitzpatrick has long been a go-to guy and safe pair of hands for the Drumcode camp. But in 2016, after a few dabbles with running labels, he decided to head out on his own with the inimitable We Are The Brave. Big Al heralded its arrival with the anthemic We Do What We Want – which went on to become one the biggest tracks of the year and is still regarded as his most famous track.

To date, We Are The Brave has been a vehicle for which Fitzpatrick and his south-coast cronies Boxia and Reset Robot can release music, alongside occasional contribution from leading scene figures including Skream and Darius Syrossian.

Label Owners 006

The label has even spawned a successful party series. The madcap, anything goes We Are The bRave, has seen Fitzpatrick take a sofa-surfing attitude to touring – playing in guerilla locations like uni digs or a fan’s garage.

Gimmicks aside, since its inception, the primary focus has been a musical output. Tracks that invoke the spirit of rave and throw back to the glory days, when genre lines were blurred and dancing was king.

Needless to say, Fitzpatrick guarantees a stomping good time and chant-along euphoria at Arcadia London.

Alan Fitzpatrick – Joy Rider
released March 2018

Klangkuenstler – Rise Of The Phoenix
released 14-Dec-18

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Last Night On Earth – Sasha

Label Owners 007

Sasha is a certified legend within electronic music. Indeed, he was present at the dawn of acid house. His name could be found adorning flyers at various illegal raves. He was the progressive poster boy. He gave us Involver. He was held in such high regard, he was consider a deity.

But for all his experience, he has starved off being resigned to heritage act status. By continuously evolving his sound, he’s kept pace with the scene’s younger protagonists.

Even in recent years, when most of his contemporaries are slowing down or at least working a reduced workload, Sasha continues to push boundaries. An LP featuring exclusively downtempo and ambient music on Late Night Tales coincided with an orchestral live show called ReFracted. The process involved Sasha relearning the keys and would stop at both The Barbican and The Roundhouse.

Oh, and he found time to bury the hatchet and go back on tour with old partner John Digweed.


Although he had some experience of running labels with Never Say Never, arguably success as a label boss came late in his career with Last Night On Earth. Still melodic, but arguably a little slower than his 90s heyday. It was a reflection of where Sasha was as an artist when it launched in 2011.

Ejeca, Zoo Brazil and John Monkman are just a handful of names who have graced the label.

Down the decades, Sasha has provided some life-affirming moments in fields around London. In conjunction with Arcadia, we’re of the firm belief he has at least one more special moment in his locker.

Sasha & La Fleur – Förbindelse
released October 2018

Henry Saiz – Claustrum
released 07-Dec-18

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Helix – Arcadia’s house and techno heartbeat, lands in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Saturday 4th May 2019.
Tickets are on sale now.