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Argy Interview


On Sunday 6th May, LWE’s latest venture Old Fountain Studios opens with a showcase from The Martinez Brothers’ Cuttin’ Headz. The former television studios in Wembley Park will open its doors to first time to an extended set from label heads.

We caught up with Argy who recorded this mix ahead of the show.

Having recently released ‘The Numbers EP’ on Cuttin’ Headz, we caught-up with the experienced producer to talk about his relationship with the ‘Bros and the scene in his home country.

Before we get started, how are you Argyris? Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am good but a bit anxious about all the material that I have been working on for the past year to finally be released. I can’t wait to share my latest output with the music community. I think it’s my strongest work to date!

 Well we look forward to hearing it. Hopefully you can road-test some at Old Fountain Studios. So tell us a little bit about you.
I can’t agree on a description about myself! That’s why it’s also hard for people to agree about me as an artist. I have had an extremely organised ‘all over the place’ artistic approach so far.

“I share a lot of common influences with The Martinez Brothers. There is a lot of understanding when it comes to music. But there is also a bond you share with people you started with. They are music lovers.” – Argy

What are some of your earliest memories of dance music? Or any music for that matter. Are there any particular artists that inspired you?
The very first house artists I remember are DJ Gregory (now performing as Point G), Masters At Work and Kevin Yost. My musical background was more jazz and Brazilian folk music, so their music resonated well with me. Sonically, too, because of the well-produced material. That was the door for me, for harder and more electronic sounds later on. Growing-up in Greece was good, too, because of the vibrant house scene in the 90s. So I had early exposure to the greatest DJs of that time.

What sort of equipment does your studio contain? What would you say is your favourite piece of gear?
I work with all sorts of equipment, from 40-year old rarities to generic soft synths. The most obscure piece of gear in my studio is a Wersimatic drum machine from the 70s. It looks more like a piece of wooden furniture than music equipment! It was key in recording my forthcoming Zodiac Free Arts Club album, which comes out soon on Hivern Discs. If you are lucky you might find some left in some garage in the German countryside!

How does the music scene in Greece compare to the rest of Europe? Is it similar?
Greece is following the dance music news of the world steadily, as much as it can of course. Because we have our own folk music that is naturally the priority. Mykonos is becoming really popular in the party world again. A lot of people think it’s similar to Ibiza, which I can’t see to be honest.

 Are there any spots we should be checking out?
There are some very cool, international events there these days. Last year I started my own monthly residency in what I consider the best club on the island, Moni. There will be selected dates from May to September and I play all night by myself.

You’ve been releasing pretty non-stop for over the past 10 years on some well-known labels such as Desolat, Cocoon and most recently Cuttin’ Headz. Can you explain how and when the latest signing came about? Do you have much history with the guys?
I have been making beats with The Martinez Brothers since 2008. Apart from releasing Debbie Downer on Ferrer’s Objektivity label. We also produced some music for my label These Days records. It was only natural and only a matter of the right record to come from my side to appear on Cuttin’ Headz. I share a lot of common house influences with the brothers, so there is a lot of understanding when it comes to music. But there is also a bond beyond music which you share with people you started together with. They really are music lovers.

“Mykonos is becoming really popular again. A lot of people think it’s similar to Ibiza. But I can’t see it.” – Argy

Lastly, what are the rest of your plans for 2018?
Apart from touring, I will be releasing more original material on Rebirth Records and Seth Troxler’s Play It Say It. I also recently remixed Anja Schneider’s ‘Got me with a bang’ which will be released in summer and last finally my Krautrock ambient adventure LP under my Zodiac Free Arts Club alias and 8 new tracks on John Talabot’s Hivern Discs on the 25th of May.


Argy joins The Martinez Brothers, Arkityp, Matt Tolfrey and more for Cuttin’ Headz at Old Fountain Studios on Sunday 6th May.
Tickets are on sale now.