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Argy Interview Ahead of LWE’s 3rd Birthday Warehouse Party


Argy is an artist that embraces the modern scope of electronic music, taking in influences from wherever he can whether it be hardware, new digital technology or just being on the dancefloor. Fully absorbed in this lifestyle has allowed Argy to experiment fully with his own sound and elements of other producers.  With influences across a broad range or house and techno, Argy is definitely not a purist, but a connoisseur who’s been helping to shape the climate of clubbing. Hailing from Greece, but now residing in Berlin Argy will be at the LWE birthday in the Cadenza vs. LWE room.

Hi Argy, thanks for taking the time to talk to us, let’s start by asking you your plans for the summer, and what you are looking forward to?
I am really looking forward to travelling for my summer tour. I have worked really hard all my life, but this summer I’m taking a few months off from the studio and focusing on my DJ shows as well as some other new ventures I recently embarked on. Always within the arts of course, I am not becoming a lawyer anytime soon!


You’ve been working on your label These Day Records for the last year, what’s been going on behind the scenes?
These Days was born to serve as my own personal playground. Its not a record company, but an opinionated record label. We started doing house music in 2009 when people where still very much into darker techno sounds, so we had a good head start with the whole house revival which we have been experiencing more widely in the last 5 years.  Instead of trying to capitalize on that I froze the whole label for one year in order to find something meaningful to present for it’s second spring. If there is nothing to say I prefer to stay quiet.

I also re-released some personal all time classics which really influenced me as a teenager back in Greece. I’m now happy to say that we now have a full release schedule for this year!


If we were to walk into you studio, what would we see?
More furniture than equipment, tape delays, coffee cups from today and maybe yesterday, a lot of clothes and a LOT of random books!



What’s the worst thing about your hometown, and what do you like about it most?
There is no worst thing about Rhodes, the problem is the Greek mentality in general which has influenced our politics and lifestyle for the past 40 years. The good thing is that the Greek nature has the ability to resist our banal behavior and remain what it always was, a miracle of light and stone.


What have been the biggest influences on forming your sound as an artist?
I think what has really formed my sound is a certain attitude which doesn’t derive from a direct sound influence but from a certain attitude.

I am inspired by people, not necessarily in music, that have something to say or project some kind of magic. For example, I like the fact that DJ Sprinkles is able to feel and articulate dance music as if it was a Marchel Duchamp art manifesto.

I am also quite into the idea that for whatever reason individuals like Carl Craig or Derrick May will soon be completing a 30 year career in techno, which proves that the genre is capable of longevity.


Out of all your friends who DJ who do you have the most fun with when out?
I think Derrick May. With him I can be myself, I don’t need to hold back on thoughts and that’s quite refreshing in the music industry.

If you could have one super power what would it be?
The ability to make life simpler like it’s basically supposed to be, but to arrive to that point from wisdom and not stupidity. For it to be a conscious decision and way of life, not a kind of hippy nirvana.


What’s the best trick that you can do on a skateboard
I think a 360 boneless from 3-5 stairs is a favorite.


What are you most looking forward to about playing at the LWE birthday in July?Visiting Honest Jon’s in West London before my set to bring something special for the people at LWE. When I play in London I feel a great sense of responsibility to match the diversity and unique energy of the city with my own performance.


LWE 3rd Birthday
Great Suffolk Street Warehouse, SE1
Saturday 6th July 2013
9pm – 6am

Cadenza vs LWE
Azari & III (DJ set)
Chez Damier
Mirko Loko
South London Ordnance

Moon Harbour
Matthias Tanzmann
Ekkohaus Live
Dan Drastic

With Support from Magma and Alfalfa.

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