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Artist Focus : Lapalux


As we get ready for our next show at Tobacco Dock on 12th March, it’s time to listen to some of the music from the lineup curated by Bonobo for his Outlier party. So here’s a look at Lapalux, a mysterious producer who’s been a prominant feature in the release schedule of Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder label. Releasing his debut album with the label in 2011, he’s remained a core part of the crew despite being based on the other side of the world.

Based in Essex, Lapalux has carved out a niche which blends gyrating hip-hop, electronica, and an uncanny ability to seemlessly fit even the most out there vocals into his framework. His slow mo style has made him the only UK producer in the LA based Brainfeeder crew, and the effect of this is heard in his floaty yet jarring productions. That said Lapalux will not let his creativity be pidgeoholed to one sound:

“With music, you’re so free. I’ve never really stuck to one particular genre, I like to experiment, and there is always more to be inspired by.”

This interview from 2013, give an indepth insight into the inspirations sonically and visually in his artistic style.

Making music that lets people find their own rhythm too is one of the things that keeps him ticking in the clubs; with his tracks layered with many different grooves – this in itself is a unique talent.

Always staying true to his values and never looking to reinvent himself, Lapalux is on a journey to constantly refine and develop his sound into new directions. 2015 saw the release of his second album Lustmore, which was set out to explore the sometimes murky boundaries of being asleep and awake.

We’re sure that Lapalux will bring something pretty special to Tobacco Dock next month. With his live sets well known for bringing a kaleidoscope of sounds – you’re in for a real treat.