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Artist Focus – Mano Le Tough


With his fingers busy in the studio, Irish producer Mano Le Tough has been pushing all the right buttons creating with cutting remixes, jaw-dropping collaborations and of course his critically acclaimed debut album. It’s been an astronomical rise up the ranks for the humble Irishman, and it’s been a tireless attitude to studio output that’s got him this success. That’s why he’s been labeled as “one of electronic music’s newest big names.”

Although his rise has seemed to be so sharp to the outside, Mano has highlighted that this was a gradual process, and something that built up as he became more popular. Unlike others who have blown up over night with one track, and then burnt out; Mano’s rise has far more backbone than a one hit wonder. Having moved to Berlin for career move, more than a musical pilgrimage, Mano and quickly became loved on the local club circuit. And from these roots he has steadily grown into a city hopper on a global scale.


Here’s one of our favourite beats from Mano, which was released on Kompact…

His second album was released on 30th October on Permanent Vacation. Read more here.

Listen to the first track to be released off the album titled ‘Trails’ here…

With a pretty relentless tour schedule he racked up over 100 gigs in 2014 alone. And the album’s title and content is inspired by this never-ending time on the road for the travelling Irishman. The majority of this was composed during a winter break in Switzerland where he would spend time split between the studio and long runs by the lake. (Source RA)