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Artist Focus – Paranoid London


Seemingly out of nowhere Paranoid London, have quickly become a name that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue when it come to electronic music. Here’s a look at some of the music that the guys have been making over the last few years, and why they are part of the acid future.

Keeping a low profile, and focusing on the beats with no unneccessary hype, they are just letting the low end bass, and eye wobbling synths do the talking. Shutting themselves away, turning down press, and hiding behind a curtain in the studio has allowed them to create music that you will listen to with very little presumptions about what it sounds like. In such a personality driven world when it comes to musicians and their appeal, it’s easy to see that this bold move has paid off for the mysterious production outfit.


Fact mag April 2015

“This structural template ā€“ conjuring new acid tracks with vintage gear while respecting the roots of their creative heritage via collaborations with some of the forefathers of their sound ā€“ became a key component to the Paranoid London modus.”

Their debut LP, has again increased the hype around Paranoid London, and is wonderfully eclectic for a house album, which makes it all the more listenable. Listen to one of the tracks here: