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Artist Focus – Wookie


If EZ is a legendary garage DJ, then Wookie can be considered one of it’s legendary producers. Official figures from the International Rewind Committee estimate that his track ‘Battle’ has been rewound approximately 20 million times and in over 90 countries.


Check out his Boiler Room set – There’s much more to Wookie than just the Garage sound…


An insight into the man behind the beats, Wookie one of the most influential producers in the UK shares where it all started, Influences and more in the below studio interview.

Wookie may be regarded as one of the elder statesmen of UK Garage, but his sound was far more than that. Inspired early on by his reggae-loving father, Wookie spent time as a writer/producer for Soul II Soul and raving around the UK with DJ Hype. After taking an extended hiatus from music, Wookie returned just a few years ago at a moment when genres were blurring yet again, and there was a garage renaissance.

Check out this dope live performance for SBTV with Eliza Doolittle…

Speaking to RBMA last year he said:

“In 2012. I felt at that time it was a good time for me to come back because musically, I felt that genres had crossed. There was no longer this, “Okay, this is this, this is that.” As a DJ, when you went to a club, “Oh, I play this and only this.” It was just a party, so there was an avenue for me to do my thing and to flow amongst it all. My sound was a bit funky, a bit house, a bit garage-y, a bit drum & bass, you know what I mean?”