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Audiojack Interview


After meeting in Ibiza, the duo paired up in their hometown of Leeds and began making records and djing with the 2020Vision crew. Fast forward a decade or so and the guys are sticking to the same formula of filling dancefloors worldwide and spending an unhealthy amount of time in the studio. Continualling striving to sound different has allowed them to keep their definitive edge or fun-loving house music that nods to many styles. Here’s what the guy’s said from the sunny white-isle of Ibiza, and listen to their latest release on Tsuba.

Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to speak to LWE, what have you been up to?

The most significant thing of late has been moving to Ibiza permanently. The decision wasn’t made specifically because of the night life scene; we just love the island and the way of life. Winter is equally appealing, although for entirely different reasons. Since we’ve been here we’ve been really productive with releases on Gruuv, 2020Vision and Tsuba so far this year, and ones to come on Defected, Systematic and a remix for Suara. We’ve also had releases on our own label Gruuv and we’re 16 episodes into our weekly “In the Gruuv” radio show on Ibiza Sonica, where we play some more eclectic stuff that we wouldn’t necessarily play in clubs.

Were you guys djing before you met each other, or did you start djing together?

We’d both been DJing for years before we met in 2002, which aptly was also in Ibiza. We started DJing together when we met then started producing. Making music has become a passion over the last 10 years but DJing has been a passion for 20.

Favourite place they have played this year?

Probably our second gig of the year which was Spice Afloat on New Years Day in Sydney Australia, we sailed out into Sydney harbour and watched the sun rise with loads of people that had been up all night but were still going strong at 8am when we played the closing set. That was gig two of four New Years gigs in the Sydney area in 30 hours, I’m surprised we managed it. It was also a poignant moment for Sydney clubbing in general as soon after they brought in the ridiculous lockout law which stops venues opening and serving drinks past a certain time.



What parties are you most looking forward to playing this summer?

Loveland’s festival in Holland will be a good one and of course the 2020 Vision party in London on 24th August should be a cracker if the last one 3 years ago is anything to go by.

If you could have any superpower for 24 hours what would it be?

The power over your glands to induce the perfect intoxicated feeling for any situation with absolutely no hangover, reckon that would be a pretty fun 24 hours.

When you’re on tour are you shooting back to the hotel after your set, or are you being dragged away from the afterparty?

It all depends on the situation; after our gig at Ritter Butske in Berlin earlier this year we didn’t have to fly until 4pm the next day so we went to Berghain to see San Soda at the We Play House label party. We went in at 9am, and when we first thought to check the time expecting it to be midday or something it was 5.30pm and we’d long since missed the flight. Also the aforementioned 4 gig string in Sydney was quite a long haul, we had two of our best mates with us, drinking non stop, awake for 2 days whilst maintaining the ability to play / stand up!

If we were to walk into your studio what would we see?

It’s a very DIY setup: a computer, a couple of keyboards and a pair of monitor speakers of which one has a lamp on top and the other a large black Buddha. We aren’t allowed to drill into the walls so we made a sound treated booth out of bamboo string and acoustic tiles. It looks a bit bonkers and it’s very thrown together but we’re really happy with how it’s sounding and we haven’t had such good results for years, but that’s probably a lot to do with Ibiza inspiration too.

Any new releases coming soon, or other projects you can tell us about?

Yeah we have a remix of Kings Of Tomorrow – Flutes on 2020 Vision mid August, then an EP on Defected (a re-release of Stay Glued with new remixes from us, Sebo K & Zombie Disco Squad). We’ve got a track called Jacob’s Ladder coming out on Marc Romboys 10 years of Systematic comp and also a remix on Suara. We’re just about to start working on some new original productions too.

Why did you choose to create your own label, Gruuv and how has it evolved since you started it?

We started the label for much the same reason as most, we wanted to be able to present the music we love, and in a way that communicates a little further who we are and what we do. The ability to curate label parties where you have full control over line-ups and programming was also very appealing.

Do you find yourself concentrating more on the label than producing music or vice versa?

There’s enough time in the week for both. The label is a labour of love, whereas producing music and playing gigs pays the bills. We put lots of care and attention into the label though and make sure that it can be as good as we can get it. Details are important to us, making sure every release is presented right with good artwork, remixers, mastering and vinyl releases when possible.

What sort of set can we expect from you at the 2020 event in August?

We’ve recently been through a transitional period. We were very bored of the garage influenced house we’ve been doing for the past couple of years. We’ve never been into commercial music and that’s the way that scene is going, plus our love for stripped back house and techno has resurfaced. Perhaps living in Ibiza and being regularly at clubs like DC10 has influenced our taste. We will always play sets that have the dance floor in mind and maintain the right level of energy but at the same time we want to tell a story or take people on a journey. We’re looking forward to it!


2020Vision Day / Night
Bank Holiday Sunday 24th August 2014
1pm to 6am

2 unique locations:
Outdoor (1pm-9pm) – Shoreditch Underground, Pedley Street; E1 5ER
Indoor (9.30pm-6am) – Secret Warehouse TBA (only a stone’s throw away!)

Ralph Lawson
Mario Basanov
Krystal Klear
Purple Disco Machine
Tristan Da Cunha

Extra info:
-Nighttime venue will be revealed closer to the date.
-Day & Night tickets will guarantee you entry to midnight at the night party.
-Very limited capacity for the daytime event

Day & Night 1st Release – £25
Day & Night 2nd Release – £30
Day only – £15 (1pm-9pm) -Shoreditch Underground, E1 5ER
Night only – £15 (9.30pm-6am) -Shoreditch Warehouse TBA