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B.Traits Top 5 Tracks


Trevino – After The Rain:

Trevino is one of my favourite producers as Trevino and also Marcus Intalex from the DnB/Jungle world. His productions as both Marcus Intalex and Trevino consistently inspire me, you can hear his jungle influence in his techno productions and vice versa.

Pan Pot – Punxsutawney (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)

One of the most original tracks i’ve heard this year, I’d call it beautiful jazz-techno or something. It’s so simple and perfectly executed, when you play it in the middle of a set it really makes people stand to attention.


DJ Koze – XTC

From the first time I heard this track, I knew it was going to be on of my ‘tunes of the year’. Theres no better way to describe it that ‘pure bliss’. Koze can also never do any wrong in my eye’s, one of my all time favorite artists.


Bicep – Just:

This tune being one of the crossover tracks of the year for me, as I was able to play it both on my own Friday night BBC Radio one show and also when i’d be covering Annie Mac’s earlier slot. It’s a spritely breakbeat number with just the right amount of bleepy fromage to get stuck in your head forever.


Howling – Signs (Rødhåd Remix)

Stripped back, spacious and rather simple but completely perfect to me, this remix is a track I still play in my sets often. I’ve become a big fan of Rødhåd.