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Bass Music Heritage


The landscape of today’s bass music scene has been shaped by the likes of Shy FX, DJ EZ & Stanton Warriors, who have all been monumental in the creation of their respective scenes. These 3 acts will be joined by a host of the UK’s finest up and coming talent at the opening of Building Six for MistaJam’s Speakerbox which has embraced the eclectic ethos of UK bass music. These three acts and of course not forgetting DJ Fresh have been so influential and make up the heritage of our beloved genre.

Sub genres in electronic music are avenues that steer you down paths to different clubs nights or labels. Whereas today it’s much broader to back then it was a particular sound that would take you to a particular rave or record shop. No less than iconic within the global drum n bass scene, Shy FX’s success and influence stretches far wider than that. A flag bearer for junglist culture there’s few out there that have such knowledge of underground and commercial circles, whilst keeping his head firmly in the former. Having released the right tracks at the right time Shy’s musical journey is testament to just now much he’s evolved as a producer over the years. From the genre defining jungle tracks of the 90s through to the more reggae inspired sounds of today; his tracks always sound distinguished from the rest. It was this instantly recognisable hallmark that gave such weight to the track “Original Nuttah” which to many reflects this whole era of music. And Classics like “Chopper” Inspired a generation of Producers and DJs across a broad range of sounds.

For that reason that his label Digital Soundboy breathes shape-shifting originality in every release. Bass driven the label embraces that sound system culture, that’s made them a big hit at Notting Hill street festival.

Moving on from one legend and onto the next we have DJ EZ!!! EZ has been instrumental in the resurgence of garage across UK dance floors in the fast 3-4 years. After a dip mid naughtiness the fun loving sound of London’s underground is back and here to stay. For EZ it’s a different path but a similar story. Having pioneered the garage revolution in the 1990’s and on the back of the time broadly known as the post dubstep period he has been at the forefront of UK garage’s revival. When you ask a dj about EZ they’re likely to says he’s one of the best technically, and you can be sure that at Speakerbox there’s going to be a polar force between him and the crowd.

Few have managed to cut up, rip up and snap tracks together as credibly as the Stanton Warriors. Their in your face mixing style doesn’t appeal to everyone but has picked them up fans in every corner of the plant.

And although some of their tracks might feel a little flesh off the bone raw, don’t get it twisted these guys are proper producers. Having dynamically shifted their focus to the international circuit they have built up a massive reputation and yet they still don’t get the credit they deserve. Having naturally blended and clashed styles in their sets they have paved the way for a more eclectic dance floor, and opened up a new style of mixing that others try and mimic.

Stanton’s DJ sets are famed for taking exclusive original tracks and cutting them with their own re-edits, giving a cutting edge sound-enveloping house, abstract hip hop and even rock. Remaining unrivalled within their genre for over a decade they progressively changed it up but always kept that feel of low down booty electro funkiness.