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Bondax Are Back


After a hiatus that’s spanned the best part of three-years, Bondax are back. Adam & George have returned with new music. Watch the promo vid for new single Neo Seoul below:

Arguably their must club-focused production to date, this will be the fore-runner to the much-anticipated debut album. The track’s title no doubts takes inspiration from the duo’s recent tour of Asia, where Seoul was one of the stops. Footage taken whilst on the tour actually features in the video. Whether we can expect the same uptempo leanings across the rest of their forthcoming material remains to be seen. We suspect that long-term fans won’t be left disappointed with the LP.

In the interim, we’re gearing up for the two-piece’s return to London. Once again in association with LWE, they takeover Village Underground on Friday 13th April with their latest show Recur – also the name of their new label and podcast series.

We caught-up with the boys to discuss what they’ve been up to.

How do you balance your touring and production schedule? Do you ever write music while on the road?
It’s definitely a hard balance to maintain, it’s also definitely a factor in why it’s taken us so long to finish this record! When we were younger everything used to be on our laptops but now we have an actual studio space with lots of outboard equipment. We definitely prefer to make music there. That being said touring can be very inspiring. So we’ll definitely start ideas on planes and on the road, but they’ll always be finished in the studio.

Do you have a set routine? What time do you usually go in the studio?
It’s definitely different for both of us. George gets up earlier and cycles in between 9-12, whereas I usually stay there late at night so i don’t get in until 2-4. But it definitely changes day-to-day depending on what we’re working on.

What new can we expect from Bondax in the near future?
We have our first single off the new record coming out in April. And our debut studio album finally coming out this spring, which has been a long time coming! We’re also doing a monthly podcast called ‘Bondax presents: Recur’ where we chat about our favourite records and interview friends about their favourite records. You can also expect many more DJ shows and hopefully some live shows filled with new music.

What tune did you have most fun producing and why?
That is a very hard question to answer! All the songs on the record have had many stages and taken much longer to make then any of our previous releases. We went away to a cottage in Silverdale near where we grew up to finish the writing and production of our record in march 2017. During that time we decided to remake an old song of ours ‘All Inside’ and that was certainly the most organic experience. One of those times when everything goes right and we made the song very quickly. We also had a very emotional experience when we went to Macedonia to record the orchestra that features on the record. Especially when they recorded the All Inside (Reprise) arrangement we had written.

What is your craziest/most memorable touring moment you’ve had to date?
We did a show at Pikes hotel in Ibiza (where Wham’s Hotel Tropicana music video was shot – however drinks are not free!) and we were supporting the legendary Idris Elba! Definitely one of the most surreal moments in our life was having Idris come up to us and hang out with us, he’s one of our favourite actors of all time!

If you could make a collaboration with any artist, who would that be?
We get asked this question a lot and we usually answer D’Angelo as his music had such a pivotal influence on our music taste and understanding of music. Other dream artists would be Prince (obviously!), Tenorio Jr, Dexter Wansel and Piero Piccioni to name a few. RIP Prince, Tenorio Jr and Piero Piccioni :/

How do you keep your sound relevant, given the amount of music being released nowadays?
I think we try and ignore trends and just stick to the music we enjoy making and listening to. We’re constantly experimenting with the marriage of live and electronic and trying to compose our own version of our favourite genres Disco, Hip Hop, Bossa Nova, Jazz etc. The challenge is to do that without losing our sound.

How do you keep your musical integrity, but without going out of date?
I think as long as we enjoy the music we make, and we’re not making it with any ulterior motive other than our own enjoyment, then we’ll maintain our musical integrity. The attempt has to be that the music will stand the test of time.

What do you like listening to when not in the studio?
We like listening to so much different music. Like mentioned above we love Latin music like bossa nova; Artists like Wanda Så, Stan Getz and Luiz Bonfa, Jazz artists like Yusef Lateef, Lucky Thompson and Grant Green, World disco artists like Kiki Gyan and Joni Haastrup. The list is endless because there’s so much amazing music out there that can be accessed by anyone with a youtube and a discogs account! We grew up listening to indie bands like Arctic Monkeys and Mystery Jets and also with folk music, artists like John Martryn, Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver were big inflluences early on.

What’s your creative process when you start an album? Do you have a concept from the beginning?
Yes, the idea has been based around the circadian rhythm. The album is ordered chronologically & is intended to take you on a journey throughout our spaces, connections & inspirations.

How do you choose your vocalists and do you base tunes on vocals or do you write the instrumentals first?
It varies however many of the vocal tracks were written with the singers in the room & often with a small amount of preparation.

One of you focuses on production, while the other focuses on music. Do you prefer writing dancefloor oriented tunes or do you focus more on the musical elements?
This way of working has changed now as we’ve both ground more competent in the others field. It’s hard to say but I think generally we prefer to make music for environments that are not intended for loud music. We do however love performing & we’ve made many club orientated tracks that have never been released!

Bondax are back at Village Underground on Friday 13th April 2018.
Tickets are available from here.

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