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Brodanse Interview


Brothers Austen and Scott Smart are Brodanse. Makers of futuristic house music; aimed at the dancefloor but informed by a range of styles and influences with elements of classic house, UK sub bass and tectonic techno tempered by an ever glowing soulful edge. It was this signature groove that recently caught the attention of Groove Armada, which led to a new series of collaborations between the two duos, and the upcoming Shoreditch warehouse party this. Keep an eye out for them over the next 6 months, and listen to this mix for a taste of what to expect from the siblings behind Danse Club records.

032 LWE Mix – Brodanse by Lwe on Mixcloud

What are you most looking forward to about playing in the Sweat Party with Groove Armada?
The fact that this is our first ever label showcase is in itself really exciting, but after seeing how ‘Sweat’ went down at SW4 when GA dropped it we just can not wait to experience that again! Also really looking forward to playing some of our new Brodanse material out to a great crowd.

You’ve got a release coming out with them in October –  how did the collaboration between you and Groove Armada come about?
The whole thing has been quite serendipitous really, the guys played our last track ‘Activate’ ft. Cari Golden on their BBC 6 Mix, a few weeks later we went down to their night at Village Underground with Mixmag as our mutual friend Severino was playing after them, we managed to say thank you and got chatting, and then basically one thing led to another! They have been very kind and we are aware we are very fortunate.

Were you in the studio together whilst making the tracks, or was it a case of bouncing stems over to each other online?
On this particular one we basically went between four different places, if you can believe it! Scott was in London, I (Austen) was in Germany at the time. Tom in London and Andy in France. There was one meet up in the period. Seemed to do the job! We are now doing a follow up and for this we actually had the vocalist over in London to record down the vocals. Perhaps this might take a slightly different route… Let’s see!

What more can you tell us about the release?
There is actually two versions of the track, the ‘Deep Mix’ and the ‘Club Mix’. There was meant to be a third but we thought ‘this is just absolutely bang on as it is, why complicate with further mixes’ – K.I.S.S! It comes out 2 days after the party on the 7th of October and will be released on vinyl and digital. There will also be a big remix competition held with Beatport which will be exciting, looking forward to seeing and hearing what people do with it!

And what else have you got lined up for Danse Club Records before the end of the year?
We have a vinyl about to drop featuring Lauhaus, John Jastzsebski and ourselves. It is called ‘I Got Something Here’, looks set to do really well! We have an EP by Lauhaus, with a remix from Boris Werner. Another EP featuring Sqim and Deepchild, which really is next level, and we of course have the follow up to ‘Sweat’ . . . it features Kevin Knapp and it is sounding really really PHAT!!

Quick Fire Round:

Musical influences
Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Radio Slave, Martin Buttrich, Gorge, Kenny Larkin, Terrence Parker

Born in Cambridge (same as GA), grew up in Manchester, live in London.

Reason for name
It’s a new noun made from Middle English ‘brothers’, and Old French ‘danser’, sounds like br-dance (o is silent). Basically means Brothers Austen and Scott Smart: produce real house music with a deep, dark, tech vibe & original signature groove 😉

23 and 26

Worst habits.
Haha! Ermm . . .

Going to bed so late after making new stuff that my girlfriend is waking up and going to work.

Making new music (at more normal times) and then binning it off because he is bored of it!


LWE presents Danse Club: Sweat party
Saturday 5th October: 10pm to 6am
Shoreditch Warehouse: EC1

Groove Armada (DJ set)
Ralph Lawson
Simon Baker
Plus guests

Advanced Tickets: £15 to £25