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Car Park at Outlier


Having made the journey from the venue’s central quadrant- down an arched brick tunnel, you will reach the entrance to the Car Park; and never has the prospect of walking into one seemed so inviting. As a wave of sound hits the side of your face, a few flickers of light will catch your sight, and you’ll be immediately drawn towards the front. Before you know it you’ve lost an hour, two or maybe the whole day…

Maya Jane Coles headlines the room for Bonobo’s Outlier, and we’re sure she’ll be at home in this cavernous space having previously played in the Great Gallery.

Making his second appearance at Tobacco Dock will be Trevino, who’s otherworldly brand of techno has a distinctive British edge that nods to him Drum and Bass moniker. Once more, Special Request will bring his unique blend of jungle, bass and techno to The Car Park. Having already played at Tobacco Dock twice under his other alias Paul Woolford, Special Request will allow Paul to explore some of the sounds that first got him into electronic music.Another one bringing some real techno muscle to the room will be Hodge, whilst Alex Smoke offers the rooms only Live set.

Making a rare appearance in London, acclaimed French producer Rone creates immense soundscapes, influenced by a range of sounds and genres from melodic ambient techno, to hypnotic electronica and even hip-hop- performing every set live. He’s the latest addition to the Car Park for Bonobo’s Outlier event. Joining a broad range of sounds the Car Park will showcase the more pumping, harder and relentless sounds of the lineup.


Bonobo Presents OUTLIER, London on March 12th at Tobacco Dock