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Cassy plays Tobacco Dock this Easter


Cassy is one of the many female DJs who strive to express female independence through a skilful efficiency of techno. A highly commendable producer, Cassy thrives in performance of house music, with elements of soul, and a background of jazz.

Influenced by well-respected female DJs from a young age, Cassy pursued her inevitable successful career in Berlin, where she continued to share her free-spirited music, alongside an obvious enthusiasm for the underground scene. Quickly rising to prominence, Cassy has played at numerous exciting venues worldwide and continues to leave a strong impact on her dedicated followers.


From performing at Sonus Festival to regular residency at Cocoon at Amnesia, and DC10 for infamous parties Circoloco and Paradise in Ibiza, Cassy has reached her ultimate potential, continuing to spread the mind-blowing sound of electronic music.


Gracing the Great Gallery at Tobacco Dock SIDEXSIDE with Jamie Jones, Cassy is only expected to bring sparkle and vitality to the decks. Leading the stage with fellow musical geniuses, be sure to anticipate a vigorous force from the likeminded DJ and exceptional tunes in turn.


Following the release of Donna (2016), Cassy touched base with soulful house and techno genres, utterly reinforcing a strong feminine nature behind the tracks, fundamentally leading the underground techno industry with her own personal individuality.