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Chris Liebing Interview


Chris Liebing is a Techno pioneer, DJ, producer, CLR podcast host, radio host and the driving force behind CLR. He has been one of the first DJs who fully embraced the digital age of music. After a whole decade of constant label work, many renowned producers have released their music on CLR, turning it into one of the worlds leading Techno labels. We caught up with him before CLR hit London for another show-stopping event…









Chris you’re now a firm favorite with the LWE crowd, what have you been up to since we last saw you at the CLR party in March?
I guess like any other DJ would answer, a lot of touring, sitting in the studio listening to music and preparing releases of my artists on CLR.

Are you looking forward to having your second CLR party with us in London?
Of course I am, the first one was a great success and had such a vibe. Maybe next time we will install one or two more fans in order to have a little more air circulation going on! We were broadcasted via Be@TV and I think when you watch my set you can see that I sometimes almost start to faint because of the heat and lack of oxygen, but hey; a great party sometimes needs to be like that, so I am very much looking forward to another London party. This city has been doing really well and has been treated me so well as a dj lately, that I am really looking forward to returning.

When not working on your label or productions, what do you like to do in your spare time?
I spend time with my family. I have two daughters and it is just the greatest thing on the planet.

How did you first get into music?
I have an older brother who had a great vinyl selection back in the days when he was fifteen years old and I was eleven, so I started to hear a lot of music from the his room as it was next to mine. And then I started to get a little tape recorder and began to record music out of radio shows and basically. Back then tried to put them into a certain order that made sense when you listened to it. I think that was my start as a dj really.

What have been the biggest influences on your style of production and sound?
I think the darker industrial sound. You might not expect it, a lot of rock music, alternative and grunge music. For example I am a big fan of The Cure. I think that is where part of the darkness and the melancholy comes from. I would not be able to point out one single thing that influenced my sound, as a lot of different styles and circumstances have been influencing me. One thing that has also been forming my sound was my residency in the legendary Omen club back in the 90s in Frankfurt, which was pure techno and I think if the club was still existing today, I could still play there.

Why has the ethos of “Create Learn & Realize” been so important to you and CLR?
Because that’s what life is about, that’s what we are trying to do and we try to have fun doing it.

What are your 3 favorite clubs and why?
I definitely enjoy playing Berghain in Berlin, that´s one of my favorite clubs. Then there is Stereo in Montreal, because I really enjoy the sound system there. Number three I leave open for all the other great clubs out there, where I love to play.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of what you do?
Maybe seeing the people having a great time and being able to deliver this with the music I play.

Any other future projects you want to tell us about?
Oh yes, loads of projects and loads of releases. One of them is a great CLR compilation with producers who don´t regularly appear on CLR or have never released on the label. Besides that the debut album of Monoloc is coming out on November 2nd and I am also really exited about this one, because it is a fantastic album which sort of blurs the boundaries between Techno and Soul, I would even say. The next album coming out will be the one of Drumcell from Los Angeles, which is planned for February, March or even April 2013 – we´ll see where the production process is at. The album is actually finished and we are currently in the stage of mixing it down. And of course a lot of great single releases are also coming up, for example by Lucy, Terence Fixmer and others.

What’s the best thing about co-hosting your night with LWE?
Well, to be able to have all my artists come to one place, to have a blast together in such a great city like London, and working together with the amazing LWE team. Having a great time working together with super-nice people, creating an event that makes a lot of people – including ourselves – very happy.









SATURDAY 24th November: 10pm to 6am

The Sidings

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