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Christian Burkhardt Q & A


As LWE get ready for the next Cocoon warehouse party in London we are happy to welcome an artist who is going to be prominent part of Cocoon Ibiza this summer.  Introducing Christian Burkhardt, who has grown out of the highly influential and thriving region of Heidelberg, Germany. Contemporaries have branded this area as having as much influential as Detroit and London in the house and techno scene. With constant rotation in clubs, radio and podcasts, his success is measured only in the pleasure that he finds in making music.  We are eagerly awaiting to see a true performer give us his a live show at the event on 7th June.

Hi Christian, thanks for taking the time to talk to LWE ahead of the next Cocoon warehouse party in June, what have you been up to?
Studio, playing, sleeping, studio, playin, studio, sleeping, playing… and so on!
Really looking forward to my vacation in July.


What does you live set up involve, and what sort of performance can we expect at the event on the 7th June?
First my music and a drumcomputer –  A maschine, a 303 and maybe I will wave with my hands about sometimes 😉


Do you feel you can get much better manipulation of your tracks in a live set, compared to a DJ set?
Of course, my tracks are split down into parts –  kick, bass, snare, hihat and so on. This way I can control or effect each single sound.


If we were to walk into your studio what would we see?
Empty bottles, a dirty red carpet, 70th style curtains, me and some old analogue hardware as well.


Over you career how have you managed to make music that stands out from the rest?
I’ve never copied a track and I go to studio with free mind. I don’t use sample cds with techno/house written on them
(I always use hip hop samples).


What’s been your most memorable performance so far?
Breaking my leg by kicking a can on the street!


Favourite country to play in, and why?
All south countries, because they are warm and sunny 🙂


Plans for the summer?
Swimming in the sea, getting tanned, good food and drinking cocktails with umbrellas.


Apart from electronic music what are your other passions?
Sleeping in bed all day long…


Christian Burkhardt offenbach album podcast:

Friday 7th June : 10pm to 6am

East London Warehouse

Jose Cuervo
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Advanced Tickets: £10 to £20 + bf